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Strength Levels

The following chart ranks the known living active denizens of the Marvel Universe according to their ability to lift (press) weights. The listing of names within each strength category is random and does not denote sub-rankings within that category. All of the strength levels listed here, derived from the entries in this site, are simply the chroniclers' best estimates as to a subject's strength level. Few people have submitted themselves to a rigorous program of tests to calculate their precise strength. Class 100 signifies the capacity to lift in excess of 100 tons under optimal conditions. The Ton Range categories denote the capacity to lift up to the tonnage range indicated. If the individual's strength is qualified in some way, it is indicated such in parentheses.

Those of you who are fans of Marvel and it's various characters are going to find the following very helpful indeed. It is similar to if you are playing games at and you want to know which game is hardest to win while playing. Having as much information as you may need on something is always really helpful to have and can make a big difference to your enjoyment of it. With this information regarding strength levels you knowledge really will be unparalleled.

95 Ton Range 35 Ton Range 5 Ton Range
90 Ton Range 30 Ton Range 4 Ton Range
85 Ton Range 25 Ton Range 3 Ton Range
80 Ton Range 20 Ton Range 2 Ton Range
75 Ton Range 15 Ton Range 1 Ton Range
70 Ton Range 14 Ton Range 1600-POUND RANGE
60 Ton Range 12 Ton Range 1500-POUND RANGE
50 Ton Range 10 Ton Range 1200-POUND RANGE
45 Ton Range 9 Ton Range 1000-POUND RANGE
40 Ton Range 6 Ton Range Upper Limit Human Level Range
    Super Strength-Unknown Level
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