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Real Name: Woodgod
Occupation: Lawgiver of the Changelings
Identity: The general populace of Earth is unaware of Woodgod's existence
Legal Status: Citizen of the community of the Changelings
Other Aliases: None
Place of Creation: The Pace farm just outside of Liberty, New Mexico
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: David Pace ("father," deceased), Ellen Pace ("mother," decease)
Group Affiliation: Changelings
Base of Operation: The community of the Changelings in a valley in the Colorado Rocky Mountains
First Appearance: MARVEL PREMIERE #31

History: Woodgod is a genetically engineered sentient lifeform who physically resembles a satyr of classical Greco-Roman mythology, and who was crated by scientists David and Ellen Pace. The Paces employed cloning techniques to create Woodgod, combining human and animal genetic material.

Woodgod first became conscious as an adult; his first site was of David Pace. Woodgod's brain cell count tripled within the first five minutes of his achieving consciousness, and by watching the Paces, he rapidly learned how to speak English. Within two days Woodgod could walk and had full physical coordination. Although he had the mental capacity of an adult, Woodgod still needed to learn about the world around him as a child does. He regarded the place, who named him Woodgod after the satyrs, as his parents.

The Paces had also been working with nerve gas for the federal government. A year before, the government had accidentally spilled nerve gas near the nearby town of Liberty, New Mexico, causing sheep to die and children to become ill. The townspeople therefore has grown suspicious and resentful of government activity at nearby Tranquility Base. One of the townspeople saw Woodgod and spread the word in Liberty that a monster had been created at the Pace farm. A group of townspeople stormed the farm and one of them shot Woodgod. Then, despite David Pace's warning, one of the townspeople smashed a canister of lethal nerve gas with in his barn. The gas killed the Paces, the attacking townspeople, and all of the people of Liberty.

Woodgod, however, proved to be immune to the gas. Recovering from his wound, Woodgod fell into despair and rage on discovering that his "parents," the Paces, were dead. Still like a child in personality, Woodgod was out to kill human beings since human beings were responsible for his "parents'" deaths.

Woodgod made his way into the now desolate town of Liberty, whose air was still full of nerve gas. Colonel Del Tremens of Tranquility Base, for whom David Pace developed the nerve gas, investigated the mass deaths at Liberty. When Tremens and his force discovered Woodgod, they attacked the satyr-like being, who fought back ferociously. Unable to kill Woodgod, Tremens had the town quarantined.

Subsequently, the Hulk and Spider-Man turned up in Liberty, and Tremens unsuccessfully attempted to kill both them and Woodgod. Woodgod escaped and eventually returned to the Pace farm, and used the books he found there to teach himself of read. Shortly afterwards Woodgod left to live in a valley free from human habitation in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Woodgod achieved emotional maturity and proved so successful in educating himself that he even mastered the techniques of genetic engineering he found described in David Pace's notebooks. Using these methods, Woodgod created sentient half-humanoid, half-animal beings whom he called the Changelings. Woodgod led the community of Changelings and drafted their laws. At first he still felt bitterness and hatred towards humanity, but he decided that he and the Changelings must temper justice with mercy lest they all become no better than the worst of humanity. Woodgod defeated a challenge to his leadership from the murderous Changeling Leoninus, and then gave up his position of leader, so that now each Changeling in the community will govern himself. It is Woodgod's hope that the Changelings will live together in peace and harmony, that someday the Changelings' existence can be revealed to the outside world and that humanity will accept them without fear or hatred.

Height: 6 ft. 3 in.
Weight: 265 lbs.
Eyes: Red
Hair: Brown
Unusual Physical Features: Woodgod is humanoid above the waist, and resembles a goat, complete with hooved feet, below the waist.

Strength Level: Woodgod possesses superhuman strength, the exact extent of which is unknown. Woodgod has displayed sufficient strength to hold his own in battle with the Hulk, but his strength is nowhere near equal to the Hulk's Class 100 strength.

Known Superhuman Powers: Besides his superhuman strength, Woodgod is immune to David Pace's nerve gas, and is perhaps immune to other chemicals that would harm human beings.

Abilities: Woodgod has mastered advanced methods of genetic engineering that enables him to create the Changelings.

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