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Real Name: Unknown
Occupation: Inapplicable
Legal Status: None
Identity: D'spayre's existence is unknown to the general public of Earth.
Former Aliases: D'spayre often masquerades as people trusted by his victims.
Place of Origin: Unknown
Marital Status: Probably inapplicable
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: None
Base of Operations: Unknown, but not within Earth's dimension
First Appearance: MARVEL TEAM-UP #68

History: The origin of the demonic being known as D'spayre is unknown. It is possible that he serves a more powerful being known as the Dweller in Darkness, but D'spayre usually appears to be operating independently.

In D'spayre's first recorded exploit, he appeared in the area of the Florida Everglades that serves as a nexus to all otherdimensional realities. There he captured the young sorceress Jennifer Kale and the spirit of her deceased (but still active) mentor Dakimh the Enchanter. Then D'spayre bound his two captives to an arcane tower he had erected within the nexus. D'spayre intended to use the tower's evil mystical energies to corrupt his two captives, so that they would then use their great powers of sorcery in his service. Then D'spayre intended to use their powers and the nexus to extend his power over a thousand worlds.

However, D'spayre was challenged by Spider-Man and the Man-Thing. D'spayre used his powers to overwhelm Spider-Men mystically with fear, but Spider-Men overcame his terror and beat, D'spayre into unconsciousness. With D'spayre unconscious, Dakimh and Jennifer Kale were released from captivity, and they used their own powers to destroy his tower and exile D'spayre to another dimension.

Since then, D'spayre has attempted to drive both Cyclops and Doctor Strange into utter despondency through the use of highly convincing illusions. Both men broke free of D'spayre's power, however. D'spayre's current whereabouts and activities are unknown.

Height: 6 ft. 3 in.
Weight: Unknown
Eyes: Black, with no visible pupils or irises
Hair: None

Strength Level: D'spayre has superhuman strength, and is apparently roughly the equal of Spider-Man, who can lift (press) 10 tons.

Known Superhuman Powers: D'spayre is a demon who apparently draws psychic sustenance from the fear, anguish, and despondency suffered by human beings, and perhaps other sentient beings as well. In feeling such strong emotions people generate psychic energies. Apparently D'spayre "feeds" upon such energies, adding them to his own reserves of psychic force. It may be that D'spayre does not need the psychic energies generated by humans, but torments them psychologically merely for the sadistic pleasure of it.

D'spayre can mystically instill fear in human beings. Usually, however, D'spayre seems to prefer to act indirectly, and cause his victim to generate his own fear by mystically filling the victim's mind with illusions. These illusions will be of situations that will cause the victim to feel terror, great sadness, despondency, and possibly even suicidal urges. Presumably D'spayre has telepathic abilities that enable him to perceive in his victim's mind what would produce such effects in him, and then to project the illusions into his mind.

D'spayre has various other mystical abilities which have yet to be catalogued. He has a physical form, and can be physically harmed. It is unknown whether he can be killed.

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