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Nimrod (II)

Real Name: Nimrod
Occupation: Hunter
Identity: Secret to the general populace of present day Earth
Legal Status: None
Other Aliases: Unrevealed
Place of Creation: Project Nimrod, at an undisclosed location in the continental United States of the early Twenty-First Century in an alternate reality.
Marital Status: Inapplicable
Known Relatives: Inapplicable
Group Affiliation: None
Base of Operations: Currently New York City
First Appearance: X-Men #191

History: In the early Twenty-First Century of an alternate reality, Sentinel robots have effectively taken control of the United States in order to carry out their mission of eliminating the alleged menace posed to ordinary humanity by superhuman mutants. The Sentinels succeeded in either killing all known superhumans, whether mutants or not, or imprisoning them within concentration camps.

In this alternate reality the last known survivors of the team of superhuman mutants known as the X-Men were the adult Katherine Pryde, known as Ariel (her counterpart in this reality is called Shadowcat), and the adolescent Rachel Summers, Pryde and Summers illegally entered a top secret "cyberobotics" complex in order to deal with "Project Nimrod," the effort to construct the ultimate, most highly advanced Sentinel robot possible using the technology of that time. Pryde and Summers were discovered and pursued by guards, but they locked themselves within Project Nimrod's laboratory. However, the laboratory was shielded against the use of Pryde's power to phase through solid matter, and hence Summers believed that both she and Pryde were trapped. However, Pryde had given Summers a post-hypnotic command to use her psionic powers to project herself into the past when Pryde said the word "Dark Phoenix," Pryde said the words and Summers was hurried back to a time when the Sentinels did not rule America, and when Pryde thought Summers would be safe. But Summers did not jurney to the past of her own reality, but to the past of our reality, where she became a member of the present-day X-Men and eventually took the name Phoenix. The end result of Project Nimrod, the highly advanced Sentinel called Nimrod, killed Pryde after Summers' departure through time.

Sometime after Summers' arrived in the present, Jaime Rodriguez, a worker at a fish market in lower Manhattan discovered an ancient necklace within the body of a fish. Within its amulet was confined the spirit of the wizard Kulan Gath, who had lived before the beginning of recorded history. Rodriguez resisted Kulan Gath's attempts to take possession of his body, but then Rodriguez was stabbed by an unidentified mugger. The mugger took the necklace, and Kulan Gath was easily able to overwhelm the thief's malevolent psyche and take possession of his body, Kulan Gath then cast a spell that transformed Manhattan into a city resembling one of his own time, and that caused all of its people to think and act like people of that era. But Kulan Gath was eventually defeated throught the efforts of the X-Men, Spider-Man, and other super humans. The sorcerer supreme of Earth's dimension, Doctor Strange, whom Kulan Gath had held captive, united his magical prowess with the magical and mutant abilities of Illyana Rasputin, also known as Magik, to create through magical means a divergent event that would enable another reality to be created in which Kulan Gath had never cast his now seemingly irreversible spell over Manhattan and its denizens. Strange succeeded in triggering the creation of this other reality, to which he and a handful of others who had experienced Kulan Gath's reign of terror were transported. (Apparently Strange's spell had somehow prevented this new reality from having its own counterparts to himself and the handful of people who traveled to it from the Manhattan Kulan Gath had ruled.) Strange, however, was unaware of the nature of the divergent event he had magically caused to happen.

The divergent event was that the highly advanced Sentinel known as Nimrod was transported to the moment just before Rodriguez was stabbed. Nimrod was designed to hunt mutants, and in order to hunt Rachel Summers down, Nimrod had attempted to duplicate the means by which she had traveled back in time. Nimrod found himself caught within an unusual energy flux which was the result of Strange's spell, and transported to the aforementioned moment within our reality. Programmed to protect human beings that he did not consider to be criminals, Nimrod blasted the mugger, thereby saving Rodriguez's life. The impact of the blast caused Rodriguez to drop the necklace, which was swallowed up in the muck and ooze along the subway tracks above which Rodriguez had been standing. Thus Kulan Gath did not get the opportunity to usurp the mugger's body and cast his spell over Manhattan.

Rodriguez was very grateful to his strange rescuer for saving his life, and brought him home to live with his family. Nimrod adopted a roughly humanoid form in order to blend in with the people around him, and eventually succeeded in making himself look entirely human whenever he so desired. Nimrod learned that he had arrived in the past of a different reality than his own. His primary directive in his programming was to defend humanity and he believed that in his own time and reality, this goal involved the extermination of superhuman mutants. However, Nimrod decided to study the situation in this reality more closely before determining whether humanity's safety required the extermination of all superhuman mutants in this reality as well.

Nimrod decided that superhuman mutants who were branded by the legal authorities as outlaws, including the X-Men, should indeed be killed. Learning that the criminal Juggernaut was sighted in Manhattan, Nimrod decided to eliminate him. The X-Men also learned that the Juggernaut was in Manhattan and tracked him down Nimrod attacked both the Juggernaut and the X-Men but Rogue, one of the latter, managed to defeat Nimrod, who teleported himself away.

Nimrod has since made a reputation for himself in New York City as a heroic vigilante who deals out a harsh form of justice to human criminals in the city. The general public believes that Nimrod is a human being and that his undisguised robotic form is actually only battle armor that he wears.

Recently, Nimrod battled the combination of the X-Men and the superhuman leaders (Lords Cardinal) of the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club. Working together, the X-Men and Lords Cardinal succeeded in defeating Nimrod. But Nimrod learns from his defeats, and reconstructs himself afterwards to make himself still more formidable. Presumably Nimrod is at present continuing his career as a vigilante crime fighter in New York City.

Later, a component of the original Sentinel known as Master Mold was activated by contact with Nimrod. Using Nimrod's body and materials from a construction site as his own body, the Master Mold sought out the X-Men for revenge. The X-Men defeated the robot by pushing its body through the mystical portal known as the Siege Perilous, with presumably help from Nimrod, who influenced Master Mold into thinking itself as a mutant and therefore needing to be destroyed.

Nimrod and the Master Mold as entities were destroyed, reborn together as the mysterious Bastion. Bastion reinstated a Sentinel program on behalf of the United States government, and created a brand new Master Mold to lead his legion of Prime Sentinels. When Bastion's plans were thwarted by the X-Men and the espionage S.H.I.E.L.D. agency, Bastion downloaded the new Master Mold's programming into himself. Ultimately, however, this programming was destroyed when Bastion was captured by the Acolytes of mutant villian Magneto and turned into the being known as Template.

Height: 3 meters
Weight: 250 kg.
Eyes: (in his current human disguised form) Brown
Hair: (in his current human disguised form) Black

Strength Level: The exact extent of Nimrod's strength is unknown, but it may be in the Class 100 range.

Known Superhuman Powers: Nimrod is the most highly advanced form of Sentinel robot possible for the technology of his native time period and reality to create. It is not known from what materials Nimrod was constructed, but his robotic form is highly resistant to damage even by superhuman beings. Nimrod can convert his outward appearance to resemble that of an ordinary human being. Nimrod can also reconstruct himself so as to make improvements in his robotic form and internal systems that will make him a more formidable opponent.

Even when smashed to pieces, Nimrod can reintegrate the portions of his body to become whole again. Apparently Nimrod's electronic consciousness can somehow exist independently of his physical body, at least temporarily. It has been speculated that Nimrod has complete control of his component parts down to the molecular level. If so, then Nimrod might have to be reduced to powder in order to be destroyed, and he might even be able to reconstitute his form from that state.

It has also been speculated that Nimrod has the potential to evolve somehow into a "techno-organic" form of life, similar to the Magus or Warlock, although presumably not having the Magus's extraordinary level of power.

Nimrod contains highly advanced computer systems as well as scanning devices that make it possible for him to determine whether a human being is a superhuman or not, and if he or she is, to determined the nature of his or her superhuman abilities. Like present-day Sentinels, Nimrod can draw upon devices and systems within his robotic body in order to cope with or neutralize an opponent's superhuman power once he has determined the nature of that power. If there is no pre-existing means within Nimrod of fighting against his opponents superhuman power, it is possible that, if he has sufficient knowledge, Nimrod can devise such a means within himself before his next battle with this opponent.

As yet not all of Nimrod's built-in weaponry has been observed. It is known, however, that Nimrod can project extraordinarily powerful concussive blasts of energy, as well as bolts of plasma and disintegrator beams. Nimrod can also project magnetic energy that enables him to levitate enormous quantities of iron and steel. Nimrod can create force fields about himself.

Nimrod can teleport himself but the limitations on this ability are unknown.

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