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Real Name: Samuel "Starr" Saxon
Occupation: Robot maker, professional criminal
Identity: Machinesmith does not use a dual identity
Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with a criminal record, declared legally dead
Former Aliases: Mister Fear II
Place of Birth: Memphis, Tennessee
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Base of Operations: Mobile
First Appearance: (as Starr Saxon) DAREDEVIL #49, (as Mister Fear II) DAREDEVIL #54, (as Machinesmith) MARVELTWO-IN-ONE ~47

History: Starr Saxon was a master robot-maker whose ability rivaled that of Doctor Doom. Deciding to use his genius for personal gain, Saxon began offering his robots' services to underworld clients. While carrying out a mission of murder, one of Saxon's robots met and was thwarted by Daredevil. Seeking to make the crimefighter pay for his intervention, Saxon embarked upon an elaborate scheme, which culminated in his assuming the guise of Daredevil's old enemy, Mister Fear. In battle with Daredevil atop his hovercraft, Saxon fell hundreds of feet to the ground. Unseen by Daredevil or the authorities, Saxon's robots, acting on pre-programming, retrieved the dying body of their inventor and brought him back to his workshop. There they transferred his encephalic patterns into a robot/computer system. When Saxon resumed a semblance of consciousness, he learned his human body died and he now possessed a robotic body. Though dismayed by his condition, Saxon constructed for himself a more human-looking body and resumed custom-building robots under the name of Machinesmith. His new specialty was the construction of robotic simulacra that looked and acted exactly like their human models. His Baron Strucker robot was lifelike to the point that S.H.I.E.L.D. had had it under surveillance for a number of years before they discovered that it was a robot. He also created a Magneto robot that the mutant Mesmero believed was real for Several months. Most of his clients remain unrevealed. Despite his successes, Machinesmith grew to hate his pseudo-life, but found that his programming would not allow him to terminate himself. During a lengthy encounter with Captain America, Machinesmith manipulated the Avenger into destroying his central computer system. Whether Machinesmith had a back-up program to guarantee his survival in the event of the central unit's destruction remains to be seen.

Height: 6 ft. 1 in.
Weight: 295 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Bald (red facial hair)

Strength Level: Machinesmith's previous robotic body possesses superhuman strength enabling it to lift (press) approximately 1 ton. Presumably Machinesmith could build a body with a greater capacity for strength.

Known Superhuman Powers: Machinesmith exists as a living, cybernetic-system program, which is equipped to transmit its program along an infrared laser beam from one robotic body to another within .25 seconds. Machinesmith can even place his personal program (personality) into multiple bodies at the same time. His physical properties vary in accordance with the robot form he is inside. He has yet to inhabit a robot body greatly superior to a standard human-mimicking robot's capacity. Machinesmith is a genius at creating complex behavioral programs and bionic systems.

Weapons: Machinesmith has created a vast arsenal of weaponry, defense systems, and surveillance devices, whose specifications are constantly upgraded.

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