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Hyperion (I)
Real Name: Mark Milton (adopted name, birth name unrevealed)
Occupation: Adventurer, former cartoonist
Identity: Publicly known
Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record
Other Aliases: None
Place of Birth: An unidentified planet in the Milky Way Galaxy in the dimension of the Squadron Supreme's Earth
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mr. and Mrs. Milton (foster parents)
Group Affiliation: Squadron Supreme
Base of Operations: Squadron City on the Squadron Supreme's Earth, formerly Cosmopolis on the same Earth
First Appearance: AVENGERS #85

History: Hyperion is a superhuman being of unknown origin, who lives on the Earth of his alternate dimension, which is sometimes designated as "Other-Earth" or "Earth-S." He found and adopted by a kindly couple, the Miltons, who instilled in Hyperion, whom they named Mark, a strong love of traditional American values and a passion for justice. Mark proved to have vast superhuman powers, which the Miltons encouraged him to use for the good of humanity. However, they cautioned him not to use his powers to change the course of human history, for they believed that humanity must ultimately solve its own problems.

As in adult Mark Milton worked as a newspaper cartoonist in the city of Cosmopolis. He assumed the costumed and masked identity of Hyperion (taking the name from the Titan in Greek mythology who was associated with the sun) in order to use his superhuman powers to fight crime and to help save lives. Hyperion's greatest enemy was the criminal scientist Emil Burbank, who assumed the costumed persona of Master Menace.

Hyperion became a founding member of the Squadron Supreme, an organization of costumed champions; most of who possessed superhuman powers. His best friend in the team was Nighthawk, who was actually multi-millionaire Kyle Richmond. Acclaimed as the greatest hero of his world, Hyperion acted as leader of the Squadron.

The Grandmaster, an alien from the dimension of "mainstream" Earth, journeyed to the Squadron's dimension and set up a competition between himself and the Squadron's enemy, the Scarlet Centurion. The Grandmaster used the Squadron members as pawns in a tournament to compete against the Institute of Evil, a team of the Squadron's foes organized by the Centurion. Winning the contest, the Grandmaster resolved to create his own Squadron the next time he needed superhuman pawns. Hence, he created a duplicate Hyperion from pseudo organic matter and used him in battle against the Avengers, a team of costumed champions based on "mainstream" Earth. This Hyperion became a criminal, usually acting as a member of the team called the Squadron Sinister.

A number of the Avengers later traveled to the Earth of the Squadron Supreme and aided the Squadron against a menace called the Brain-Child. Some time later, the government of the United States of "Other-Earth" came under the control of the Serpent Cartel, an organization of human agents of the extradimensional serpent-demon Set who controlled them through the power-object called the Serpent Crown. The Serpent Cartel even succeeded in placing the President of the United States of "Other Earth" under Set's control. The President dispatched several members of the Squadron Supreme, who were unaware of the Commander-in-Chief's new loyalties, to "mainstream" Earth to battle the Avengers, who were opposing Set's human agents there. A number of Avengers journeyed to "Other-Earth," where they managed to seize that world's counterpart to the Serpent Crown and to convince the Squadron they were being misled by their President. The Squadron, led by Hyperion forced the President's resignation and saw to the dismantling of the Serpent Cartel. Kyle Richmond was elected President in the next election.

Hyperion first encountered his criminal counterpart when the first Hyperion traveled from his own Earth to the Avengers' Earth. The Squadron Sinister's Hyperion then used the other Hyperion's dimensional transporter to journey to the Earth of the Squadron Supreme. The criminal Hyperion hoped to find a weapon on "Other-Earth" that would enable him to destroy both Earths. It was on "Other-Earth" that the criminal Hyperion first encountered Emil Burbank. However, the criminal Hyperion was defeated through the intervention of the Asgardian thunder god Thor and was imprisoned in a cell that somehow, sapped his superhuman energy.

President Richmond was mentally enthralled by the Overmind, a collective alien intelligence working in concert with the demonic entity Null the Living Darkness. Null and the Overmind took control of the minds of all of the Squadron members except Hyperion, who fled to the Avengers' Earth to seek help. Using President Richmond and the Squadron members as his pawns, the Overmind took control of "Other-Earth." Hyperion returned with the superhuman champions called the Defenders. These allies freed the Squadron from the Overmind's control, and the two teams vanquished both the Overmind and Null.

"Other-Earth" had been left in political and economic ruin in the aftermath of the Overmind's takeover The Squadron decided to deal with the problems now facing the United States by taking complete control of the nation, including the federal government, the military, and the police, and implementing the Utopia Program, a plan for social reform designed not only to put the country back on its feet but also to solve all of humanity's major problems, including crime, poverty, hunger, disease, and even death. Hyperion was the principal advocate for the Program when the Squadron debated its adoption. Hyperion decided that his foster parents had been wrong in dissuading him from using his powers to transform human society. Nighthawk was appalled by the violation of democratic principles involved in the Squadron's seizure of power. He resigned from the Squadron as Nighthawk; and from the presidency as Kyle Richmond. As the head of the Squadron, Hyperion publicly announced its seizure of power and its decision to put the Utopia Program into action over the course of a year. He and the other Squadron members publicly revealed their true identities at this time as a sign of good faith. Richmond attempted to assassinate Hyperion to prevent the takeover, but could not bring himself to kill his friend. In stead, Richmond began planning to stop the Squadron using different means.

Hyperion led the Squadron successfully during the first half of the year during which the group controlled the United States. His greatest enemy, Master Menace, was determined to put an end to the Squadrons rule, which he regarded as a threat to himself. Master Menace found the criminal Hyperion, who by this time had became entrapped in an interdimensional void, and brought him to "Other-Earth." Menace persuaded the criminal Hyperion to help him subvert the Squadron Supreme. Master Menace disguised his airship as an enormous meteor and had it plummet toward Earth from the sky. When the Squadron Supreme's Hyperion arrived to stop the supposed meteor, Master Menace used his "D-Ray" to project him into another dimension. The criminal Hyperion then took the heroic Hyperion's place and feigned having amnesia as a result of enduring the tremendous impact when the "meteor" hit.

The Squadron Supreme believed that the Hyperion they found was indeed their own member, since Hyperion supposedly had amnesia. Power Princess assumed the role of Squadron leader, and she took it upon herself to teach Hyperion what he had allegedly forgotten. The criminal Hyperion found himself strongly attracted to Power Princess. But there were two obstacles preventing Hyperion from becoming her lover: his alliance with Master Menace, and Power Princess's love for her aged husband, Howard Shelton. (Power Princess ages very slowly in comparison with normal people. She had met Shelton in the 1940s but he had grown elderly and frail while she remained young.) Hyperion turned against Master Menace, forcing the latter to project himself into the same dimension in which the heroic Hyperion was trapped. The criminal Hyperion wrecked Master Menace's main interdimensional projector, preventing him from returning easily. The criminal Hyperion also secretly murdered Howard Shelton. Needing comfort after such a terrible loss, Power Princess turned to the criminal Hyperion, still believing him to be her longtime teammate. Soon Power Princess fell in love with the criminal Hyperion. Finally, the heroic Hyperion found Master Menace in the other dimension, and, joining forces, they escaped back to "Other-Earth." There the two Hyperions engaged in all-out combat, climaxing with a duel in which each employed his atomic vision. The criminal Hyperion's eyes were destroyed in the process, while the heroic Hyperion went blind. The heroic Hyperion beat his criminal counterpart with his fists, breaking down the pseudo-organic of which the duplicate's body was composed. Dying, the criminal Hyperion confessed to Power Princess that he had indeed murdered Howard Shelton. The criminal Hyperion then died, and his pseudo-organic body liquefied.

Later, Power Princess told the heroic Hyperion that she had fallen in love with the criminal Hyperion thinking him to be the original Hyperion, and that it was the latter Hyperion whom she truly loved. Soon Hyperion reciprocated her love, and the two even discussed marriage. Power Princess remained the leader of the Squadron Supreme due to Hyperion's blindness. Hyperion began wearing "radar glasses" designed by Squadron member Tom Thumb that transmitted radar images of his surroundings to the optic centers of his brain.

After resigning from the Squadron, Nighthawk assembled a team of costumed champions whom he called the Redeemers, with whom he intended to overthrow the Squadron's rule. On the day that marked the first anniversary of the Squadron's seizure of political power, the Squadron declared that they were ready to turn political control of the United States back over to its elected officials. On that same day Nighthawk's Redeemers did battle with the Squadron within Squadron City itself. Despite his tremendous power, Hyperion was rendered virtually helpless when he lost his radar glasses during the struggle, and then had his power temporarily drained by the Redeemer recruit Lamprey. Nighthawk persuaded the fallen Hyperion that the Utopia Program had been a mistake, since although the Squadron members themselves had ruled justly, the innovations they had instituted could easily be turned by other people into instruments of tyranny. At the conclusion of the battle, Nighthawk was murdered by Squadron member Foxfire, but the Redeemers had nonetheless triumphed over the Squadron. Hyperion, with Power Princess's consent, declared that the Squadron surrendered to the Redeemers.

Hyperion thereafter pledged on behalf of the Squadron Supreme that they would disassemble the Utopia Program and that the Squadron itself would disband, having misused its power by taking control of the nation.

Before the Squadron could dismantle the Utopia Program fully, a white being of immense size began to grow and threaten to devour the Sun. Members of the Squadron, including Hyperion, sought help from various avenues and boarded a spaceship to battle their mysterious foe. The threat was thwarted thanks to Arcanna's newborn son, but when the team tried to return to Earth, they found themselves exiled to the "mainstream" reality.

Hyperion stood by the other Squadron members during their time trapped on "mainstream" Earth, including their encounter with Quasar and his friend, Makkari. Makkari, a member of the genetic offshoot of humanity known as Eternals, recognized Hyperion as a member of a similar race, showing Hyperion how to use his powers to heal his blindness. Eventually, Hyperion resumed leadership of the Squadron.

Later, when the Squadron had been duped into attacking the Avengers by Imus Champion, the Avengers found themselves able to use one of Champion's pieces of equipment to send the Squadron back to their native dimension. The team returned to find their world completely different than they had left it. The people of Earth-S had grown weary of the constant natural, political, and social upheavals that had plagued the world in recent years, largely because of the presence of the Squadron. Instead, they elected leaders into a Global Directorate with far-reaching and invasive political powers. The enigmatic Mysterium implored the Squadron to fix what had begun by their Utopia efforts, charging them with reforming of the Squadron Supreme. The new Squadron thought Master Menace behind the tyrannical regime, but found him to be only a pawn of the Global Directorate. The Squadron rescued Menace and returned him to their new headquarters on Utopia Isle, which was left abandoned by the Power Princess' people. The team dedicated themselves to their new role, that of freedom fighters and champions of the oppressed.

Height: 6 ft. 4 in.
Weight: 460 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red

Strength Level: Hyperion possesses superhuman strength that enables him to lift (press) approximately 75 tons.

Known Superhuman Powers: Hyperion possesses a host of superhuman powers. Hyperion can levitate himself by mentally manipulating gravitons (subatomic particles carrying the force of gravitational attraction between atoms) around himself.

Formerly, through concentration, Hyperion could project beams of discrete energies from his brain (generated by the quasinuclear reactions in his body) through the optic nerves of his eyes. This atomic vision or nuclear vision was capable of generating radioactivity in the X-ray range of the electromagnetic spectrum. His atomic vision could also generate heat, with a maximum power output of approximately 12,000 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the spread of the beam, in the infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Ordinarily, Hyperion's atomic vision did not harm his own eyes when he projected it. However, the tremendous energies he and the criminal Hyperion generated with their atomic vision in their final battle severely injured Hyperion's eyes, rendering him blind.

Limitations: Hyperion is now blind, his eyes having been severely damaged due to the release of tremendous energies generated by himself and the criminal Hyperion with the atomic vision powers during their final battle. He now wears "radar glasses," which create radar images of his surroundings that he can perceive.

Hyperion's principal weakness is an isotope of lead vaslled argonite whose particles of decay serve to damper the quasi-nuclear reactions in his body. While in itself it cannot kill him, it can render him susceptible to other forms of injury. Nighthawk once planned to assassinate Hyperion using a bullet made of argonite. Presumably its presence would weaken Hyperion enough so that the bullet could penetrate his body.

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