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REAL NAME: Emil Blonsky
KNOWN ALIASES: Agent R-7, the Ravager of Worlds
IDENTITY: Secret, known to various governments
OCCUPATION: Fugitive; former secret agent, former first mate on the starship Andromeda, agent of the Galaxy Master, and university professor
PLACE OF BIRTH: Zagreb, Yugoslavia
KNOWN RELATIVES: Nadia Dornova Blonsky (wife, separated)
GROUP AFFILIATION: Former partner of the Rhino, former member of the crew of the starship Andromeda, former agent of the Galaxy Master, former agent of Modok
FIRST APPEARANCE: Tales to Astonish #90 (1967)
PORTRAYED BY: Tim Roth, The Incredible Hulk (2008)

HISTORY: Almost nothing is known about the life of Emil Blonsky before he infiltrated the U.S. Air Force base in New Mexico that was commanded by General T.E. "Thunderbolt" Ross and where Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, the nuclear physicist who became the Hulk, conducted many of his experiments with gamma radiation. Blonsky made various attempts to sabotage missiles at the base that were vital to United States defense. Although each attempt was narrowly thwarted, the Air Force still did not know who the saboteur was.

At this time the enigmatic alien being known as the Stranger had decided that the people of Earth were not responsible enough to use their nuclear weaponry wisely and therefore presented a threat of the other civilizations of the universe. The Stranger put the Hulk under his control and intended to use him to destroy humanity. However, the Stranger's control did not extend to Bruce Banner's persona. When the Hulk next changed back into Banner, the scientist decided to commit suicide in order to save the world from a Stranger-controlled Hulk. Banner made his way into his laboratory on the Air Force base and prepared to activate a machine that would bombard him with enough gamma radiation to kill him.

Unknown to Banner, Blonsky was hiding in the laboratory, where he had been photographing Banner's gamma radiation equipment. Security officers burst in and carried Banner off. Unaware of the nature of the machine that Banner was about to use on himself, Blonsky stood in front of the machine and activated it. It bombarded him with a more concentrated and intense dosage of gamma radiation that Banner himself had received from the nuclear explosion that had first turned him into the Hulk. Like Banner, Blonsky had some unknown genetic factor in his body that saved him from being killed by a great dose of gamma radiation. Instead, the radiation had an immediate mutagenic effect upon Blonsky, transforming him into the monster whom General Ross's daughter dubbed the Abomination.

The Abomination gained greater strength than the Hulk at the latter's "normal" level of strength, and, unlike the Hulk, Abomination retained his full human intelligence. However, Abomination could not transform back into a normal human form. Infatuated with his newfound power, the Abomination beat the Hulk nearly to death and kidnapped Betty Ross. General Ross was so fearful for his daughter's safety that he ordered that the Hulk be revived in order to pursue the Abomination. When Banner's confidant Rick Jones pleaded with the Hulk for help, the Hulk broke free from the Stranger's mental control and reverted once more to Banner. Acting with General Ross's cooperation, Banner activated a powerful gamma radiation generating device he had invented directly upon the Abomination, thereby causing the Abomination’s strength to diminish rapidly.

However, Banner grew so excited that he became the Hulk and smashed the weapon's controls, causing it to shut down before the Abomination's strength had been reduced below superhuman levels. The Abomination's strength was left at the level he has possessed since, which is greater than that normally possessed by the Hulk, but which the Hulk can exceed upon becoming sufficiently enraged. The angry Hulk attacked and defeated the Abomination. The Stranger, watching from afar, was so impressed by the heroism of Banner/Hulk that he decided that there might indeed be hope for humanity. The Stranger transported the Abomination to his base on another planet, intending to use him as an agent in future endeavors.

However, the Stranger had few missions for the Abomination. Eventually, the Abomination was rescued from the Stranger's world and taken aboard an alien starship, Andromeda, where he became first mate. After many months, he was returned to Earth. He battled the Hulk several more times but was beaten soundly each time.

After one of these battles, the Abomination was saved from death by the Galaxy Master, a powerful non-humanoid being which enslaved civilizations and forced them to produce the energy it required to exist. The Galaxy Master employed the Abomination to precede it in attacking civilizations that might offer particular resistance to conquest. Empress Daydra of the Sagittarian race recruited the Hulk to defeat the Abomination, who had become known as the "Ravager of Worlds." The Hulk succeeded in defeating both the Galaxy Master and the Abomination.

Somehow, the Abomination made his way back to normal space in Earth's vicinity. A U.S. space shuttle found the Abomination frozen in ice, once again in suspended animation, in orbit around Earth. He was brought to the attention of General Ross, and revived by former A.I.M. leader Modok, with whom Ross had formed a treasonous alliance. The Hulk, temporarily possessing Banner's intelligence, had been granted a presidential pardon. Ross made a deal with Modok that the latter would revive the Abomination and take him as a servant in exchange for having the Abomination kill the Hulk. However the revived Abomination, as a result of having been defeated by the Hulk so many times, had a pathological fear of facing the Hulk. Modok subjected the Abomination to painful psychological conditioning to make him more afraid of Modok than the Hulk, and sent him against the Hulk. The Abomination failed to defeat the Hulk, however, and so Modok used his mental power to disintegrate the Abomination.

Despite his seeming destruction, the ethereal being known as Tyrannus reconstructed the Abomination, and Blonsky's conscience was transferred to a human body. The former spy finally found himself able to lead a normal life, albeit briefly. Trapped in the Abomination's form, Tyrannus attempted to switch bodies with Blonsky. The process failed; the Abomination became a mindless, rampaging beast.

Eventually the creature regained Blonsky's faculties and again clashed with the Hulk, this time as a pawn of the gamma-spawned super-genius called the Leader. The Hulk doused the Abomination in toxic waste, melting the Abomination's epidermis into mush. When next he surfaced, Blonsky had begun stalking his wife, Nadia, who believed he had died. A miniaturized Hulk, now possessing Banner's intelligence, convinced him to move on.

Seeking revenge for the loss of his wife, the Abomination fatally poisoned Betty Ross, who had married Banner. The Hulk walked away from a confrontation with Blonsky, knowing his forgiveness would be the one form of retaliation his enemy could not endure. After revealing to Banner his late wife's cryogenically preserved corpse, Thunderbolt Ross convinced his son-in-law it was time to bring Blonsky to justice. The no-holds-barred battle destroyed a town and ravaged the surrounding landscape, resulting in the Abomination's incarceration by military forces.

HEIGHT: 6 ft. 8 in.
WEIGHT: 980 lbs.
EYES: Green
HAIR: None
SKIN: Green
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: The Abomination has two toes on each foot, webbed ears, and a ridged brow.

STRENGTH LEVEL: The Abomination possesses vast superhuman strength, enabling him to lift (press) approximately 100 tons.

SUPERHUMAN POWERS: The Abomination possesses superhuman strength that surpasses that of the Hulk at the Hulk's normal "calm" functional level. But whereas the Hulk has a specially adapted adrenal gland whose secretions trigger the release of far greater amounts of physical strength than that of the Hulk's normal level to correspond to his heightened emotional states, the Abomination does not. Hence, the Abomination's strength does not fluctuate like the Hulk's.

The gamma radiation that mutated the Abomination's body fortified his cellular structure and added, from some as yet unknown source, over 800 pounds of bone marrow and tissue to his body. Unlike the Hulk's, the Abomination's transformation has proved stable; he cannot change back and forth between his human state and his superhuman state.

In addition to great strength, the Abomination's body possesses a high degree of resistance to injury, pain, and disease. The Abomination's skin is capable of withstanding great heat without blistering (up to 3,500 Fahrenheit), great cold without freezing (down to -175 Fahrenheit), and great impacts without injury (he can survive direct hits by field artillery cannon shells). It is possible to injure him, however: for example, the Abomination could not survive the detonation of a nuclear warhead from ten feet away. The Abomination's highly efficient physiology renders him immune to all terrestrial disease.

The Abomination can hold his breath for long periods, the limits of which have yet to be defined. Extreme pain or cold (beneath the limit mentioned above) or extended lack of oxygen can cause him to enter a coma-like state of suspended animation, in which he can survive, perhaps indefinitely.

Like the Hulk, the Abomination can use his superhumanly strong leg muscles to leap great distances. The Abomination has been observed to cover 2 miles in a single bound.

Transformed into the Abomination, fought the Hulk, taken captive by the Stranger (Tales to Astonish Vol. 1 #90-91, 1967)
Joined the crew of the Andromeda, cast into space (Incredible Hulk Vol. 2 #136-137, 1971)
Became the Galaxy Master’s Ravager of Worlds, defeated by Hulk (Incredible Hulk Vol. 2 #270, 1982)
Fought Hulk on behalf of MODOK, defeated, atomized by MODOK (Incredible Hulk Vol. 2 #287-290, 1983)
Body remade by Tyrannus (Incredible Hulk Annual #15, 1986)
Tyrannus’ body restored, sent against She-Hulk by Ghaur (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #23, 1989)
Sent by the Leader to fight Hulk, melted by toxic waste (Incredible Hulk Vol. 2 #364, 1989)
Attempted to regain Nadia’s Love, talked out of it by the Hulk (Incredible Hulk Vol. 2 #382-384, 1991)
Fatally poisoned Betty Banner (Incredible Hulk Vol. 2 #466, 1998)
Fought Hulk on behalf of Home Base (Incredible Hulk Vol. 3 #50-54, 2003)

NOTE: Updated from The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Hulk 2004

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