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Real Name: Unrevealed
Occupation: Scientist, adventurer
Identity: Known to certain officials of the Soviet government
Legal Status: Citizen of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics with no criminal record, still a minor
Other Aliases: Titanium Man II
Place of Birth: A hospital in a secret location in the U.S.S.R.
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: The Gargoyle I (father, deceased)
Base of Operations: A secret base in Khystyro, U.S.S.R., formerly a secret Soviet base somewhere in the Arctic outside the U.S.S.R., and the secret base bitterfrost in Siberia
Group Affiliation: The Soviet Super-Soldiers
First Appearance: INCREDIBLE HULK #187, (as Titanium Man) X-MEN VS. THE AVENGERS #1

History: The young genius known only as the Gremlin is the son of the deceased Soviet scientist known as the Gargoyle. Forced by the Soviet government to participate in dangerous atomic tests, the man who became known as the Gargoyle was involved in an accident that unleashed radiation that horribly altered his face and body while vastly increasing his intelligence. This man, now known as the Gargoyle due to his grotesque appearance, became one of the Soviet Union's greatest scientists as well as a major figure in Soviet intelligence. One of the Gargoyle's agents, Igor Starsky, was assigned to spy on Dr. Bruce Banner's development of the gamma bomb. The explosion of the gamma bomb transformed Banner into the monstrous Hulk. Starsky notified the Gargoyle about the Hulk, and the Gargoyle captured the Hulk and took him to the Soviet Union, hoping to learn how to create an army of Hulks. The Gargoyle learned that the Hulk was Banner when the Hulk reverted to human form. The Gargoyle longed to be a normal human again, and Banner succeeded in using radiation to restore the Gargoyle to his original human form. The former Gargoyle helped Banner escape back to America. Then, seeking vengeance on his superiors who were responsible for making him the Gargoyle, the former Gargoyle set off an explosion in which he and many of his colleagues were killed.

After his initial transformation, the Gargoyle fathered a son. The radiation that had made him the Gargoyle had also affected his genes, so his son, the Gremlin, inherited the Gargoyle's grotesque appearance and genius-level intelligence. Accounts vary as to the exact age of the Gremlin, but it is known that he is not yet an adult. He was born in a secret Soviet hospital, and Soviet scientists, realizing he was a mutant, studied him for years. However, the Gremlin's intelligence was so great, and he achieved emotional maturity at such an extraordinarily young age, that the Gremlin eventually achieved a position of great authority. Indeed, the Soviet state feared the Gremlin's genius, allowing him great freedom in choosing and operating his various expensive scientific and intelligence projects, all of which the Soviet government funded.

Among the Gremlin's many scientific achievements were the design of the armor worn by the Soviet Super-Troopers, which contains an exoskeleton magnifying its wearer's strength twenty times, and which enables him to fly using boot-jets and to fire energy blasts. The Gremlin also designed the armor worn by the men called the Devastators, which drew tremendous power from an orbiting satellite which the Devastators could then fire at their targets.

The Gremlin had an enormous secret Soviet base built beneath the surface in the Arctic, outside Soviet territory. There he was testing the Soviet Super-Trooper armor when the Hulk was pursued into the area by the United States Air Force. The Soviet government had told the Gremlin that the Hulk had killed his father, and hence the Gremlin sought revenge on the Hulk. The Gremlin's men captured the Hulk, who nonetheless escaped. They also captured his pursuing nemesis, General T.E. "Thunderbolt" Ross, who was later rescued by a party led by Ross's colleague, Major Glenn Talbot. However, Talbot was himself captured. The Gremlin used a machine he had created using his father's ideas, the Psi-Clone, to brainwash Talbot, giving him the identity of a loyal Russian.

Ross went on a mission to the Gremlin's secret Siberian base, Bitterfrost, to rescue Talbot. Banner stowed away on the mission and transformed into the Hulk, whom the Gremlin again captured. Ross escaped with Talbot, who eventually regained his true persona, and Bitterfrost was blown up by the intelligence organization S.H.I.E.L.D. using the satellite that empowered the Devastator. Both the Hulk and the Gremlin survived the obliteration of Bitterfrost.

Spying on his superiors before he revealed he was still alive, the Gremlin learned the truth about his father's death. The Gremlin was outraged at having been deceived and angrily confronted his superiors. Suspecting that the Gremlin might now prove to be a danger to them, his superiors set spies to watch him. Making his own investigations, the Gremlin discovered that members of the Soviet government were working against it, even eliminating some loyal Soviets in the process. Fearing for his own life, the Gremlin fled, and he was declared an enemy of the state and marked for death.

The Gremlin took refuge in Khystym, the so-called "Dead Zone" within the Soviet Union, which has been devastated by a nuclear explosion. A Soviet government official sent the Soviet Super-Soldiers, a team of superhuman adventurers, to Khystym to destroy the Gremlin. In reality, this official and the ones whom the Gremlin had discovered to be traitors were all alien Dire Wraiths who had taken human form. The Wraiths had also built a secret scientific base in Khystym. Working together with the Wraiths' foes, the spaceknights Rom and Starshine II, the Gremlin and the Soviet Super-Soldiers defeated the Wraiths. The Soviet Super-Soldiers, no longer wanting to work under direct government control, invited the Gremlin to join their team. He accepted, and the Soviet Super Soldiers have taken over the Wraith base as their own.

The Gremlin designed an armored battlesuit similar to that of the Titanium Man, which the Gremlin now wears into combat as the second Titanium Man.

Months later, the Gremlin was attacked by the hero Iron Man, who was attempting to destroy all technological traces of his own battlesuit. As Titanium Man, the two fought a pitched battle, but the Titanium Man's armor jets ignited and exploded, killing him.

Height: 4 ft. 6 in.
Weight: 215 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: None

Strength Level: The Gremlin possesses the normal human strength of a boy of his age, height, and weight, who is afflicted with dwarfism and engages in no regular exercise. His Titanium Man armor enhances his strength to superhuman levels, the limits of which are as yet unknown.

Known Superhuman Powers: The Gremlin is a mutant who has inherited the genius level intelligence that his father, the Gargoyle, gained when his brain was mutated by radiation. It is unclear whether or not the Gremlin's intelligence is of a superhuman level.

Abilities: The Gremlin is a master scientist, especially skilled in the design of battle armor, strength-magnifying exoskeletons, and computer technology.

Weapons: The Gremlin's principal weapon is his battlesuit of titanium armor, which amplifies his strength to superhuman levels, is highly resistant to damage, enables him to fly, and from which he can project destructive energy blasts.

Paraphernalia: The Gremlin sometimes wears a harness equipped with jets that enables him to fly.

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