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Mentor (I)

Real Name: Alars
Occupation: Ruler of Eternals of Titan
Identity: Secret. His existence is unknown to the general public of Earth.
Legal Status: Citizen of Titan
Other Aliases: None
Place of Birth: City of Titanos, Northern Asia
Marital Status: Widowed
Known Relatives: Chronos (father), Daina (mother), Sui-San (wife, deceased), Zuras (brother, deceased), Thanos (son, deceased), Eros (alias Starfox, son), Nebula (greet-granddaughter)
Group Affiliation: Eternals of Titan
Base of Operations: Titan
First Appearance: IRON MAN #55

History: Alars was the second son of Chronos and Daina, two of the first generation of Eternals, an evolutionary offshoot of humanity whose forms and genetic codes were determined by the experiments of the alien Celestials. Alars and his brother Zuras were born and raised in the aftermath of the great civil war, which divided the first colony of the Eternals. Their father Chronos was the leader of the winning faction. They spent their childhood in peace, tutored by their mother, as their father toiled in his laboratory trying to unlock the secret of the self-regenerating cosmic life force that he felt his race was capable of attaining. When a force field cylinder containing cosmic energy stored near absolute zero accidentally cracked open, the ensuing explosion disintegrated Chronos's body while endowing his astral form with eternal life on the physical plane. It also imparted to all those Eternals within the 3-mile radius of the city practical immortality.

Alars and Zuras, having reached adulthood, held a general assembly to determine which of them should succeed Chronos as leader of the Eternals. When the assembly chose Zuras, Alars decided to leave the colony to avoid the fraternal rivalry that led their father Chronos and his brother Uranos to war. Alars surrounded himself with a huge nimbus of air and headed into space in the general direction where his uncle Uranos had been exiled centuries before. Eventually he came upon the Earth-sized moon of Saturn known as Titan, where his uncle and fellow exiles had built a subterranean civilization that had collapsed upon itself several years before in the aftermath of civil war. Alars surveyed the world and found its sole survivor, a woman named Sui-San. The two mated and issued numerous offspring, eventually repopulating the world.

Neither Sui-San nor her children were immortal like Alars, although their lives could still be measured in centuries rather than years. In recent millennia, Alars and Sui-San begat the youngest of their sons, Eros and Thanos. While Eros was born a normal Titanian Eternal, Thanos was born a mutant, with greypurple skin and an abnormally massive body. Much of Alars' energies have been devoted in recent decades to protecting Titan from the depredations of his son Thanos. Alars' wife Sui-San died in Thanos's first major attack on Titan. In subsequent attacks, Thanos killed increasing numbers of Titanians who opposed him, all of whom were related to him. Finally, when the populated of Titan dipped to a mere 17, Alars was able to mount a sufficiently powerful defense against Thanos, largely through the aid of the Kree warrior Captain Mar-Veil and his allies the Avengers. When Thanos was finally defeated permanently, Mentor turned his attentions to rebuilding and repopulating his world. His efforts were interrupted at times by various legacies of Thanos, such as Isaac, the renegade robot linked to Titan's planetary computer, and the artificial lifeforms Stellarax, Lord Gaea, Chaos, and Tartarus. Mentor currently rules a peaceful Titan.

Height: 6 ft. 1 in.
Weight: 210 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White

Strength Level: Mentor possesses superhuman strength enabling him to lift (press) approximately 1 ton under optimal conditions. This is slightly subnormal for an Eternal of his age, height, and build who engages in minimal regular exercise beyond his procreative responsibilities.

Known Superhuman Powers: Mentor possesses the conventional attributes of an Earth-born Eternal. Like all Eternals, his life force is augmented by cosmic energy, making him virtually immortal, immune to disease and the debilitating effects of aging and able to regenerate injured or missing organic tissue. Only an injury that disperses a significant portion of his bodily molecules could cause him to die. Cosmic energy bolsters his metabolism so that Mentor does not tire from any physical exertion.

Like all Eternals, Mentor can levitate by mentally manipulating gravitons (subatomic particles that carry the force of gravitational attraction) around him. He can fly at approximately 500 miles per hour, a rate of speed slightly below average for his kind.

Like many Eternals, Mentor can project his natural cosmic energies from his body as waves of concussive force. These waves, which he usually directs from his hands, have a maximum concussive force equivalent to 50 tons of TNT, sufficient to level a 12-story steel-frame building.

Note: Previous texts have erroneously called Mentor an Olympian god and brother of Zeus.

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