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Real Name: Gabriel Lan
Occupation: former starship captain, Harold to Galactus
Identity: unknown to general populace of earth
Legal Status: citizen as an hour
Former Aliases: Noble century on
Place of Birth: zander, planet in the trans-system, and from a galaxy
Place of Death: interstellar space between Segar and Jan SEC system, Milky Way galaxy
Group Affiliation: former member of Nova Corp.
First Appearance: ( robot form) FANTASTIC FOUR #123, ( real form) THOR #306
Final Appearance: THOR #306 ( Air-Walker died sometime prior to his first appearance on earth)

History: Gabriel Lan was a captain of the Xandarain explorer-ship Way-Opener, whose mission was to seek out and establish peaceful relationships with neighboring alien civilizations. Lan previously distinguished himself in the Xandar's military, the Nova Corp's, and welcomed his appointment to an exploration ship since he was filled with the wanderlust and love of open space. Returning from his seven-year tour of duty, Lan neared his home solar system when a spherical craft of an unidentified nature approached. A teleport beam took him from the bridge of the Way-Opener and brought him aboard the spherical ship into the presence of the world-devourer Galactus. Galactus announced that he was looking for new herald to replace the defective Silver Surfer, and having scanned Lans mind, deemed him an appropriate candidate. Hearing Galactus's offer a vast power and unlimited travel, plan readily accepted and was transformed by a tiny fraction Galactus's cosmic might into the Air-Walker, second of Galactus's great Harold's.

Voluntarily putting all thoughts of his previous life behind, the Air-Walker served Galactus faithfully for years, seeking out new worlds to suit his master's appetites. He came to befriend Galactus, and would pass long hours listening to Galactus's tales of the wonders and mysteries of the universe. One day after you found a new world for Galactus to drain and returning to Galactus ship to tell him of it, the Air-Walker saw a fleet of warships in battle formation approaching. The ships contained members of the Ovoids, a highly advanced civilization, who fear Galactus presence so close to their star system. The Air-Walker launched attack on the Ovoid fleet and was struck down by Ovoidian weaponry designed to slay Galactus himself. Because Galactus was so weak from hunger, he was unable to retaliate with full force and decided to retreat from that space sector. His power still at low ebb, Galactus could not afford to give up any of his personal energy to resuscitate the dying sparked of life and his faithful Herald. However, once his renewed form Galactus transfer the consciousness of his Harold, who laid down his life for him, to a perfect robotic replica. Still, there was something intangible missing from the replica, the vitality, a passion the mysteries of space that the Galactus liked in the original Air-Walker. Therefore, Galactus determined to dispatch the Air-Walker robot to earth to reenlist his original Harold, the Silver surfer. The surfer declined Galactus's invitation, however, and in a battle with his new messenger, destroyed the Air-Walker robot. Galactus grimly abandoned both surfer and the defective Air-Walker robot.

The Air-Walk robot was taken into custody by robots of the Machinesmith who sought out to repair the robot but could not understand the alien circuitry. The Machinesmith did manage to accidentally activates the Air-Walkers self repair functions, however, and after several months, the Air-Walker regains its artificial consciousness. Seeking a rematch with the Silver surfer, the Air-Walker instead attracted the attention of the thunder god Thor. Thor damaged the robot and battle, apparently destroying its self-repair circuitry. The Air-Walkers remains were taken into custody by Galactus's third Herald; Firelord, colleague and friend of Gabriel Lan, the original Air-Walker. Firelord buried the robots remains on an asteroid and that Tranta System near Xandar, with cosmic flame marking his grave.

Height: 6 ft. 1 in.
Weight: 210 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White

Known Superhuman Powers: The original Air-Walker possessed the vast cosmic power that collectors granted to all of his Harold's upon their initiation. His body and restructured to be living battery of cosmic energy, the Air-Walker could utilize cosmic power for a variety of effects: heat, concussive force, magnetism, electricity, etc. Unlike most of the other heralds the Air-Walker utilized as cosmic energy without an accompanying visible manifestation (such as Firelords "cosmic flame"). The air war could also uses cosmic energy to rearrange molecules, although he never became adept at it as did the Silver surfer the cosmic energy augmented his strength, endurance, and durability. At maximum exertion, the Air-Walker could match strength of the Thing. He could use is cosmic power to peak capacity for several earth months without resting before fatigue or the need to dream began to impair his functions his skin was treated to be immune to virtually all the conventional rigors of space it took a force greater than the cosmic force to invest in and bite collectives to kill him. Air war could not need to eat or breed since he absorbed life maintaining cosmic energies through his cells.

The Air-Walker could fly to space at hyper light velocities. While moving through planetary atmospheres, he would curtail his speed so as not to cause catastrophic side effects. The Air-Walker did not employ such conveyances as a Silver surfer surfboard or Firelords baton in order to travel; he apparently traveled and navigated by is on power.

The Air-Walker robot replicated all the original powers to approximately levels it was endowed with automatic self repair circuitry in its chest cavity, capable of functioning as long as 0.35 of the total system was intact the robots power source was its fiery cloak, apparently some form of cosmic energy receptor.

Paraphernalia: The Air-Walker robot employed a golden trumpet like device to summon collectives. Apparently it bullhorn admitted some sort of hyper spatial signal. When the robot first appeared on earth it was a mistaken for the biblical archangel due to its imposing appearance, it's "horn" and the coincidence that Air-Walker's first name was also Gabriel.

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