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Real Name: Llyra (Morris)
Occupation: Former empress of Lemuria, now professional subversive
Identity: Llyra does not employ a dual identity on a regular basis; the general populace of the surface world is unaware of her existence
Legal Status: Exiled citizen of Lemuria convicted of treason
Former Aliases: Laurie Morris
Place of Birth: Milolii, Hawaii
Marital Status: Widowed
Known Relatives: Rhonda Morris (mother), Llyron (father, deceased), Prince Merro (husband, deceased)
Group Affiliation: Ally of Tiger Shark, Lymondo, Byrrah, former member of the Frightful Four
Base of Operations: Mobile
First Appearance: SUBMARINER #32

History: Llyra was the daughter of Llyron, a member of the water-breathing Homo mermani who dwell in Lemuria, and Rhonda Morris, a surface woman who inherited her father's oceanarium in Hawaii. Llyron was taken captive by men in the employ of Morris who were looking for marine specimens to exhibit. Rhonda Morris fell in love with the sea-man, and despite the fact that neither could live in the other's environment unaided for very long, they soon were married. Llyron decided not to return to Lemuria and helped his wife find exotic fish for her oceanarium. He perished a few months after they were wed, saving his wife from a shark. Morris bore a daughter she named Llyra. The infant was capable of breathing air as well as water, and would later demonstrate certain other mutant powers, notably the ability to alter the greenish coloration of her skin and hair to resemble her Caucasian mother's. As Llyra grew into adolescence, she developed schizophrenia, and began to believe that when she changed her skin to pink, she was another person, her imaginary twin sister Laurie. Reaching adulthood, Llyra journeyed to her father's land of Lemuria, and through elaborate machinations and the use of her other mutant power to telepathically control marine animals, she usurped the throne from its benevolent ruler, King Karthon. Several days after her coup, Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner of Atlantis, a friend of Karthon's, voyaged to Lemuria to seek an alliance against the surface people's ocean pollution. Finding Karthon in chains, Namor engaged Llyra in battle. Llyra dispatched some of the most formidable creatures of the deep at Namor, but Namor prevailed. Llyra was caught in a rockslide caused by a sperm whale under her command and was severely injured. Karthon was freed and regained the throne.

Namor returned Llyra's body to her mother for burial, but Lucille Morris discovered that her daughter was only in a Coma. Using special technology acquired from an undisclosed source, Morris resuscitated Llyra. Llyra then journed to Lemuria to recruit mercenaries to accompany her to Atlantis where she could wreak vengeance upon Namor. Llyra and her men kidnapped the Lady Dorma, Namor's bride-to-be, and brought her to the oceanarium owned by her mother. Llyra then used her chameleon powers to disguise herself as Dorma. As soon as the wedding ceremony was over, Llyra revealed herself, claiming that she was now Namor's wife not Dorma. However, according to Atlantean law, even though the real Dorma was not present, it was still Dorma who was now Namor's wife. When she learned her ploy failed, Llyra fled Atlantis. Namor tracked her to her mother's oceanarium. Witnessing his approach, Llyra smashed the water-filled cylinder holding Dorma, and by the time Namor reached her, Dorma had suffocated.

Llyra escaped and soon allied herself with Namor's enemy, Tiger Shark, and his assistant Gerard Lymondo. The three of them awakened the ocean-dwelling creature Krago to vanquish Namor and kidnapped Namor's human father, Leonard MacKenzie. In the course of battle with Namor, Tiger Shark split MacKenzie's skull with a lead pipe, and he and Llyra fled. Llyra abandoned the Shark to ally herself with Namor's cousin Byrrah. The two of them kidnapped Namor's kinsman Namorita to use as a hostage against Namer. In her scuffle with Namor, Llyra slipped into an oil spring on the ocean bottom and apparently drowned. In an as yet unrevealed manner, she survived. After lying low for a time, Llyra freed the surface criminals, the Wizard, Sandman, and Trapster, to help her carry out her latest plot on Namor's life. This plot, whereby Namor was supposed to be driven insane by the acquisition of Spider-Man's spider-sense, failed and Namor took Llyra back to Atlantis to stand trial. Llyra's current whereabouts and activities are unknown.

Height: 5 ft. 11 in.
Weight: 220 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Green
Skin: Green

Strength Level: Llyra possesses the normal strength of a Lemurian female who engages in minimal regular exercise. She can lift (press) approximately 2 tons in air, under optimal conditions.

Known Superhuman Powers: Llyra possesses the conventional attributes of the Homo mermanus species, as well as two mutant abilities not possesses by her Lemurian father or human mother. As a Homo mermanus, she possesses gills to enable her to extract oxygen from water, a superhumanly strong physiology to enable her to withstand the extreme water pressure changes that occur beneath the sea, blood circulation enabling her to withstand freezing temperatures, and specially developed vision which is more sensitive to the green portion of the spectrum enabling her to see in the murky depths. She can swim at a top speed of approximately 30 miles per hour. Unlike other Lemurians, she can breathe air indefinitely.

Llyra also possesses the power to alter at will the color of her skin and hair. So far she has been observed to change her skin color from green to Caucasian pink and Atlantean blue, and her hair from green to light brown and red-brown. The precise manner in which she alters the pigment in her skin is unknown: it probably involves the secretion of certain chemicals her body manufactures. It is not known how long she can maintain an altered appearance, although there is evidence that it will unconsciously revert to its natural hues after a given time. The process of changing her color takes less than a minute. Unlike other Lemurians, Llyra does not possess scaled skin, presumably due to her genetic heritage from her mother.

Llyra also possesses the psionic power of manipulating the relatively primitive brains of fish and other marine life. This power, which is similar to telepathy, enables her to control the motor actions of more than one creature at a time. The maximum number she can control at once is not known, nor how long she can control them.

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