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Real name: Magus (English equivalent of his name in his own language)
Occupation: Monarch
Identity: The general populace of Earth is unaware of the Magus's existence
Legal status: Citizen of an unidentified planet
Other aliases: None known
Place of birth: An unidentified planet
Marital status: Unrevealed, perhaps inapplicable
Known relatives: Warlock (son)
Group affiliation: None
Base of operations: An unidentified planet
First appearance: NEW MUTANTS #18

History: The Magus is apparently the ruler of an unidentified world in an unspecified location in outer space. This planet's dominant species is a sentient form of "techno-organic" life, which resembles machinery in various ways. Parents of this race give birth to great numbers of offspring, although the process of birth is apparently very different for them than it is for Earth's life forms. Each child of the Magus must face him in combat to the death before the child has achieved adulthood. One of the Magus's sons, who is now known on Earth as Warlock, fled his native world to avoid the combat which is connected with the process of succession, but was pursued through space by the. Magus himself.

Sensing the artificial Intelligence of the alien Shi'ar computers there, Warlock landed on Earth near Professor Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. There, Warlock became a member of the team of superhuman Earth people taught by Xavier known as the New Mutants.

Shortly thereafter, the Magus came to Earth in upper New York State, still searching for Warlock. There he encountered and battled Colossus, Nightcrawler, and Rogue, three members of the X-Men, the mutant team who, like the New Mutants, are based at Xavier's school. Despite the Magus's vast power, the three X-Men managed to cause him pain. The Magus called off the battle and departed, warning the X-Men to turn Warlock over to him or else he would wreak destruction upon the Earth.

Neither the X-Men nor the New Mutants have encountered the Magus in the following months. It has been theorized that the Magus does not wish to draw attention to himself on Earth or use his full power there because so many other beings who rival his level of power have shown an interest in Earth in the past, such as Galactus, the Watcher, Zeus, and the Celestials. The Magus's present activities and whereabouts are unknown.

Height: Variable. The Magus' height has ranged from 6 feet to .5 astronomical units (45 million miles).
Weight: Variable
Eyes: Black
Hair: In his true form the Magus has no hair although portions of his head resemble hair.

Strength level: At full power the Magus possesses enough strength to rend an entire star in two and hurl part of it through space.

Known superhuman powers: The Magus is a form of "techno-organic" life, meaning the organic substance of his body is similar to metal (as that of Colossus in his armored form is, though in a different way), and his bodily structure resembles machinery in various ways (for example, organic "circuitry-tike" structures can be seen on the surface of his body).

Like his son Warlock, the Magus can change his shape into that of virtually any solid living being or machine. When he takes the form of an Earth living being, he does not look at ail like a machine, but looks exactly as that living being does. When the Magus takes the form of a machine, he retains his intelligence. He uses his own life energies to empower himself when in machine form. (Hence, if the Magus took the form of a helicopter, his own energies would cause it to fly, not gasoline.) The Magus can draw molecules from an unknown, possibly extra-dimensional source to add to his own mass.

The Magus can replenish his life energies by transforming living creatures into techno-organic beings, and then draining their life energies into himself, killing them in the process The exact means by which the Magus transforms other beings is unknown. The Magus must touch his victim to effect the transformation. The Magus can exist in the vacuum of outer space without protection, and can enter and travel through hyperspace at great speed.

The Magus's level of power is immeasurably greater than the present level possessed by his son Warlock. At full power the Magus can grow to the size of a star, rend the star in half without harm to himself, and huh part of the star through space. It is not known how the Magus can so greatly increase or diminish his amount of mass. In roughly human-sized form the Magus's physical strength and resistance to injury appear to be considerably more limited, although still far greater than human.

Apparently the Magus has limited telepathic powers that enabled him to learn English from the minds of the three X-Men he encountered.

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