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Real Name: Andromeda (a corruption of her name in the Atlantean language)
Occupation: Warrior, adventurer
Identity: Unknown to the American general public
Legal Status: Unknown. She claims to be a citizen of Atlantia.
Former Aliases: Andrea McPhee
Place of Birth: Unknown, presumably Atlantia
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None known
Group Affiliation: Ally of the Defenders
Base of Operations: Currently mobile
First Appearance: DEFENDERS #143, (in costume) DEFENDERS #146

: Very little is known about Andromeda. She claims to be a major in the Atlantean armed forces. Since Atlantean society, including the military, is so male-dominated, she says that she believed she could advance no further within it. Therefore, she asserts, she came to the surface world, inspired by the stories of the adventures that the Sub-Mariner, Atlantis's former ruler, had there, and sought out the team of adventures to which he once belonged, the Defenders. At first Andromeda posed as a surface woman, aided by a serum that enabled her to breathe air and that changed her skin color, and called herself Andrea McPhee. She has recently revealed to the Defenders that she is a member of the Atlantean race.

Height: 5 ft. 8 in.
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Auburn
Skin: Blue

Strength Level: The limits on Andromeda's strength have yet to be determined, but it is known that she is considerably stronger than the average Atlantean male. The average Atlantean male can lift (press) about 4 tons in the air; at the very least, Andromeda can lift (press) 14 tons in the air.

Known Superhuman Power: Andromeda possesses the conventional attributes of the Homo mermanus species: gills to enable her to extract oxygen from water, superhumanly strong physiology to enable her to withstand the great water pressure changes that occur beneath the sea, blood circulation enabling her to withstand freezing temperatures, and specially-devloped vision which is more enabling her to see in the murky ocean depths.

As noted, Andromeda possesses unusual strength for an Atlantean female. She can also swim (and move on the surface, as well) faster than the average Atlantean. The average Atlantean can swim at a maximum speed of about 26 knots (30 miles per hour) for several hours before tiring. Andromeda can maintain a greater swimming speed over that peroid, but its limits have yet to be determined.

Like all Homo mermani except for the Sub-Mariner and Namorita, Andromeda cannot breathe out of water unaided. She is capable of lasting approximately 10 minutes on the surface without artificial means for intaking oxygen before she begins to suffocate. However, in order to survive in the surface world, Andromeda used a serum employed on past occasions by the Atlaneans Krang and Dorma. When imbibed by a Homo mermanus, it allows him or her to absorb oxygen and expel carbon dioxide directly through the skin for a period of approximately 12 hours. The serum also alters his or hers skin pigmentation to that of an average Caucasian human for the same amount of time.

Other Abilities: Andromeda is highly proficient in all Atlantean methods of armed and unarmed combat.

Weaponry: Andromeda is highly skilled in the use of all standard Atlantean weaponry, but she most often uses a trident, which she can hurl with great force. Andromeda also possesses a warship of Atlantean manufacture, which can be used both for flight and for undersea travel, and which is armed with various Atlantean weaponry.

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