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Real Name: Vidar
Occupation: Huntsman, warrior
Identity: The general public of Earth believe Vidar to be a mythological character.
Legal Status: Exile citizen of Asgard
Marital Status: Widower
Known Relatives: Odin (father), Grid (mother), Solveig (wife, deceased), Thor (half-brother), Loki (foster-brother)
Base of Operations: A valley in the Asgard Mountains
First Appearance: THOR ANNUAL #12

History: The product of Odin's dalliance with a giantess, Vidar lived outside the city of Asgard, his existence known to few. He ventured into the city but once to seek redress for the slaying of his wife.

Height: 10 ft.
Weight: 690 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond

Strength Level: Vidar can lift (press) 50 tons.

Known Superhuman Powers: Vidar possesses the conventional physical attributes of an Asgardian god. His half-Giant heritage makes him stronger than the average Asgardian god.

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