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Real Name: Jerome Beechman
Occupation: Professional criminal
Identity: Publicly known
Legal Status: Citizen of the United States
Former Aliases: None
Place of Birth: Los Alamos, New Mexico
Marital Status: Illegally polygamous
Known Relatives: Frederic (father), Emily (mother)
Group Affiliation: Former leader of the Black Spectre, Mutant Force, and Fem Force
Base of Operations: Mobile
First Appearance: SHANNA THE SHE-DEVIL #4
Final Appearance: UNKNOWN AT THIS TIME

History: Jerome Beechman was the mutant son of Frederic Beechman, an atomic research scientist at Los Alamos Atomic Proving Grounds, New Mexico, and his wife Emily. Prior to his conception, Beechman's father, a Caucasian scientist, as well as Gemma Sinclair, a black cleaning woman, were exposed to a massive dose of radiation when faulty electrical wiring caused an explosion which breached the facility's experimental, small nuclear pile. A year later, the scientist's son was born with black skin and tufts of body hair. Equally distressing to Gemma Sinclair and her husband was the birth of their daughter, who was born with chalk-white skin and fangs. The boy grew up, hated by his peers and parents for his freakish appearance. When Beechman was ten, his father drove him out to the middle of the American desert and abandoned him. The boy swore to find his way back and exact revenge on his parents.

While in the desert, he encountered the mutant girl, Nekra Sinclair, who had been similarly mistreated and was running away from home. The two became partners and wandered the Southwest, protecting one another, and shunning all human companionship. For six years, the two educated themselves by listening outside of school room windows and reading stolen books, and were continually on the move, surviving by stealth and cunning. One night, angry New Mexican townspeople discovered them, having heard rumors about "monsters" invading their hometown, and attacked them with pitchforks and guns. That night, Beechman and Sinclair discovered that sheer hate released latent mutant powers within them, and they used these powers to slay their tormentors.

As his mutant powers surfaced, Beechman's appearance became more apelike, prompting him to take the alias Mandrill. With Nekra's aid, he developed plans for the overthrow of three small West African nations with the intent of creating a utopian society, free from the American values which caused them to be treated as outcasts. The enactment of their plan failed, however, when they were thwarted by the jungle adventurer Shanna the She-Devil. Mandrill and Nekra regrouped and formed Black Spectre, an organization of black women dedicated to the overthrow of the American government. This conspiracy, which culminated on the White House lawn, was thwarted by Daredevil with the help of Shanna and the Black Widow.

Nekra was taken into custody by S.H.I.E.L.D., while Mandrill escaped. Forsaking his longtime ally, Mandrill organized the Fem-Force, another women's army composed of American radicals and dissidents, for the purpose of world conquest. Aiding them was the third team of evil mutants Magneto had organized and abandoned, a group he called the Mutant Force. When his mutant allies were taken captive by the Defenders, Mandrill sent the Fern-Force to the Indian Point Nuclear Power Generating Facility, where his father and mother were now employed, to seek revenge upon them. Once again opposed by the Defenders, Mandrill was stopped when his own mother shot him. Mandrill escaped capture, however, rescued by members of his army.

Later, Nekra had successfully raised her former ally, the Grim Reaper, from the dead, although he promptly killed her. Trying to get revenge on the Grim Reaper, Mandrill confronted the Reaper, but was actually killed himself as the Reaper drained his body's life-force.

Height: 6 ft.
Weight: 270 lbs.
Eyes: Black
Hair: Brown

Strength Level: Mandrill possesses superhuman strength enabling him to lift (press) approximately 1.4 tons under optimal conditions.

Known Superhuman Powers: Mandrill possesses the chemically-based ability to attract and enslave most adult women to his will. Like many animals (including humans to a small extent). Mandrill continually emits pheromones (natural, airborne hormones secreted primarily through-sweat glands which communicate and stimulate behavior) of great potency and volume. Once the Mandrill's pheromone emissions, released into the atmosphere, reach the olfactory centers of a woman, her hormonal balance is altered, causing her to feel extreme physical attraction. The Mandrill's mutant pheromones are released at a rate of 2,000 parts per million, several thousand times that of a normal human. Consequently, any woman within range (about 250 feet downwind, or in the direct path of the emission) is severely affected. Within seconds of exposure to the Mandrill, most women become submissive and open to manipulation by Mandrill, as if hypnotized.

The mutagenically-altered structure of Mandrill's sex pheromones is practically addictive. Initial contact with Mandrill and subsequent reinforcement over a period of a few months is sufficient to keep most women in his power almost permanently. If, however, the woman is removed from his presence after the initial contact, she will go through a mild period of "withdrawal" and be free after a period of a few months.

Some women, notably Shanna the She-Devil and the Black Widow, have been able to resist Mandrill's power, by some unknown, natural means, perhaps solely through will power. Certain mild, electrical stimulation can also deaden the pheromone-affected nerve centers of the female brain. Most male endocrine systems are biologically unable to perceive the Mandrill's pheromone emissions.

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