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Lord Chaos

Lord Chaos embodies the principle of disorder, randomness, and formlessness. It is one of a small class of cosmic beings who seem to have no personality beyond the abstract concept it represents. (Others in this class of beings include Death, the In-Betweener, Eternity, and Master Order.) The origins of these abstract entities are unknown. They may have once been more conventional living organisms or intelligences who undertook a certain discipline or interest to such an extent that they have become synonymous with it. (This is in contrast with the Elders of the Universe who are still separate from their pursuits. The Gardener, for example, has a personality and identity beyond his passion for gardening.). They may also have been created by some as yet unrevealed intelligence for the sole purpose of embodying these universal principles or concepts. Lord Chaos was first observed during the final war with Thanos, the mad Titanian who worshipped the embodiment of Death. With its "brother" entity, Master Order, Lord Chaos apparently manipulated Spider-Man's critical role in freeing Adam Warlock from his soul-gem to defeat Thanos. Order and Chaos made certain statements implying that they had influenced Spider-Man's destiny from his origin for the sole purpose of freeing Warlock at that particular point in time. Whether this is true, literally or figuratively, is not known. The extent of Lord Chaos's power or scope of influence is unknown. Apparently, Order and Chaos try to maintain a balance of power between them for the well-being of the universe. (Eventually, according to physics, the energy and matter in the universe will succumb to entropy, or maximum state of inert uniformity, meaning that Order will ultimately dominate.) Lord Chaos and Master Order may simply be aspects of Eternity itself. Their powers, nature, and function remain unknown at present.

First Appearance: MARVEL TWO-INONE ANNUAL #2

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