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The In-Betweener is a cosmic entity who exists as the synthesis of the major concepts of the universe: life and death, reality and illusion, good and evil, logic and emotion, existence and nothingness, god and man. Fifteen feet in stature, the In-Betweener is an agent of Lord Chaos and Master Order, two of the universe's principal abstract beings, whose appointed task is to maintain the universal balance. Simultaneously existing and not-existing, present everywhere and present nowhere, the In-Betweener first came to human attention when it abducted the golden humanoid Adam Warlock to its quasi-realm and attempted to transform him into a champion of life to help restore the balance upset by Thanos of Titan. It was later encountered by Earth's sorcerer supreme, Doctor Strange, when it empowered the spells of a renegade band of wizards calling themselves the Creators. Strange opposed the In-Betweener and its plan to restore balance by creating universal insanity, and calling upon its masters, Order and Chaos, Strange managed to halt the In-Betweener's machinations. While possessing sufficient power to alter reality on a cosmic scale, the In-Betweener is not all knowing or infallible. Indeed, within the parameters of the In-Betweener's existence are both power and weakness, knowledge and ignorance.

First Appearance: WARLOCK #10

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