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REAL NAME: Tyler Dayspring
OCCUPATION: Former would-be world conqueror, arms deal er, soldier, freedom fighter
PLACE OF BIRTH: Unrevealed location in alternate future timeline
KNOWN RELATIVES: Nathan Christopher Summers (Cable, adopted father), Aliya Jenskot (mother, deceased)
GROUP AFFILIATION: Formerly Dark Riders (leader), former servant of Stryfe, formerly New Canaanites, Clan Chosen
EDUCATION: Unrevealed
FIRST APPEARANCE: (as Tolliver, mentioned) New Mutants Vol. 1 #98 (1991), (as Tolliver, seen) X-Force Vol. 1 #5 (1991), (as Genesis) Cable #18 (1994)

HISTORY: Tyler Dayspring was born in an alternate future era ruled by the eternal mutant Apocalypse. The adopted son of the mutant soldier Cable, Tyler came to join his father’s band of freedom fighters, the Clan Chosen. In a battle against Apocalypse’s New Canaanite army, Tyler’s mother was slain and he was captured by Cable’s clone, Stryfe. Tyler was brainwashed to reject his father’s beliefs and became Stryfe’s pawn. When the Clan Chosen attacked Stryfe, Tyler captured Clan member Dawnsilk, forging a neural link between them. Cable was forced to shoot his son in order to save Dawnsilk, further damaging Tyler’s mind. Although the damage was eventually repaired, Tyler never forgave his father.

Utilizing a time nexus within Niagara Falls, Tyler traveled back to the present to ensure Apocalypse’s rise and exact revenge on Cable. By using technology from his era, he created the identity of arms dealer Tolliver and abducted Cable’s mercenary ally Domino, replacing her with the shape-shifting mutant Copycat so as to spy on Cable’s activities. After Cable rescued Domino, Tyler faked Tolliver’s death, setting into motion a clash between various mercenaries who sought to obtain Tolliver’s advanced technology.

Learning of Apocalypse’s apparent death in the present, Tyler set out to obtain his future leader’s power for himself. Renaming himself Genesis, he persuaded Apocalypse’s former servants, the Dark Riders, to capture the mutant adventurer Wolverine. At this time, Wolverine’s skeleton had been stripped of the near-unbreakable metal Adamantium, and Genesis sought to restore it and brainwash Wolverine into his service as his so-called Horseman Death. To this end, Genesis had the Dark Riders liberate Wolverine’s imprisoned nemesis Cyber, who had Adamantium-laced skin. Genesis unleashed mutant deathwatch beetles on Cyber that consumed the villain’s soft tissue, leaving the inedible Adamantium behind. Genesis then attempted to bond the metal to Wolverine’s skeleton, but Wolverine broke free and went berserk, killing most of the Dark Riders and Genesis.

HEIGHT: 6 ft. 1 in.
WEIGHT: 191 lbs.
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Blond

SUPERHUMAN POWERS: Genesis was a mutant with the ability to form a psionic link with another consciousness and visually project those memories as solid holograms.

SPECIAL SKILLS: Genesis was trained in military tactics, guerilla warfare, and other combat disciplines.

COSTUME: Genesis wore personal body armor from his era.

PERSONAL WEAPONRY: Genesis occasionally employed advanced weaponry also from his era.

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