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Dreaming Celestial
The Dreaming Celestial, who is also known as the Great Renegade, is a member of the enigmatic, virtually all-powerful extraterrestrial race known as the Celestials, who have conducted genetic experimentation with the dominant races of many planets, including Earth. The Dreaming Celestial has an actual name (such as other known Celestials, like Arishem the Judge, have), but it has been "obliterated" from any known records. The Dreaming Celestial was a member of the Second Host of Celestials, which visited Earth at the time of the Great Cataclysm, which they brought about. According to one account, the Dreaming Celestial is the "greatest" of the Celestials. Possibly the Dreaming Celestial is the most powerful individual member of the Second Host, although it seems highly unlikely that his power exceeds that of such Celestials as Exitar, who dwarfs even Arishem in size and might.

The priesthood of Earth's Deviants, a genetic offshoot of humanity, allege that it was the Dreaming Celestial alone who was responsible for the creation of their race, and it was for this reason that the rest of the Second Host punished the Great Renegade.

In fact, Earth's Deviants were created by the Celestial Ziran the Tester, and the Celestials have created other races of Deviants (such as the Skrulls) on other worlds. Hence, the nature of the Dreaming Celestial's crime remains a mystery.

It is definitely known, however, that at the time of the Second Host's visitation to Earth, the rest of the Second Host discovered that the Great Renegade had committed a grievous crime against life itself. The Renegade is said to have rebelled against the rest of the Celestials. The rest of the Second Host warred against the Renegade, and finally defeated him in a great battle in outer space. The Renegade, or perhaps only his armor, was once golden in color; after this fall its color became black.

The rest of the Second Host is said to have been unable to destroy the Renegade. Hence, they removed from him energy of an unknown nature, which appears to have been a key part of his life essence, and sealed it within a vial that could only be opened with a unique form of key. The vial was placed within the hidden Pyramid of the winds in Earth's Arctic regions, and the departing Second Host took the key with them when they left Earth. The Renegade himself was imprisoned beneath the Diablo Mountains of California, placed into an endless dreaming sleep.

After the Fourth Host of the Celestials arrived on Earth in recent years, Lord Ghaur, head of the Deviant priesthood, arranged for Deviant underlings of his to invade the Celestials' mothership and make a duplicate of the key. Ghaur then recovered the vial from the Pyramid of the Winds. He unlocked the vial with the key and absorbed the energy within it, thereby giving himself the size and power of a Celestial. In this form Ghaur intended to lead a Deviant attack on the rest of the Celestials. However, soon, to Ghaur's horror, he fell under the mental control of the Dreaming Celestial, who forced Ghaur to fly to the Diablo Mountains and begin digging to release him from his tomb. Members of the Eternals, another offshoot of humanity created by the Celestials, joined forces with members of the team of adventurers called the Avengers, to form a collective being with tremendous psionic powers known as the Uni-Mind. The Uni-Mind separated Ghaur's consciousness from his body. Ghaur's consciousness drifted helplessly into outer space. As for his body, the Eternals and Avengers caused it to release the Celestial energies within it, which were again sealed within the vial. The body itself shrank into seeming nothingness before it could succeed in freeing the Dreaming Celestial. Other Celestials had become aware of the Renegade's attempts to free himself, and apparently would have intervened had he succeeded.

Ghaur recently allied himself with the Elder God, Set and returned to Earth in a new physical form. As for the Dreaming Celestial, he remains imprisoned, but seeking a means for his release.

It is known that a time bubble surrounds: Earth between seventeen and thirty-seven years in the future, making time travel to those years almost entirely impossible. It is believed by the Council of Kangs, the conquerors of many different realities, that during that period there exists a weapon that was created by the Dreaming Celestial and that is powerful enough to wreak havoc throughout all existing universes. As yet, no more has been revealed about this weapon.

First Appearance: ETERNALS (first series) #18.

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