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Real Name: Ghaur
Occupation: Priest lord
Identity: Unknown to the general public of Earth
Legal Status: Citizen of Deviant Lemuria
Other Aliases: None
Place of Birth: "City of Toads," Deviant Lemuria
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: None
Base of Operations: "City of Toads," Deviant Lemuria
Group Affiliation: Priesthood of the Deviants
First Appearance: ETERNALS Vol. 2 #2

History: Nothing has yet been revealed about the past of Lord Ghaur, head of the priesthood of the offshoot of humanly known as the Deviants. The Deviants are a genetically unstable race: physical characteristic beyond bilateral symmetry radically change with each generation in a Deviant family. Thus a Deviant child will greatly differ in appearance from either his or her parents. The genetic instability of the Deviants is the most important factor underlying the structure of their society. Although the Deviants are ruled by a monarch and what remains of their class of nobility, a great deal of power in Deviant society has long been help by the priesthood. The priest attempt to weed out those Deviants who are born with more extreme and grotesque genetic differences from the others by publicly condemning them to death in the flame pits at "Purity Time." Through such a measure, the priests assert that they hope to keep variation within the Deviant race's genetic makeup within certain limits.

The priesthood has also served to perform the ritual of ascendancy that certifies the accession of a new ruler to the Deviant throne. Apparently in the past the priesthood would simply allow the heir of the former ruler become the Deviants' new monarch. However, the priesthood could also designate someone who was not and heir to the past ruler to become the new ruler.

For millennia the Deviant priesthood remained seemingly content with its traditional functions. However, recently Brother Tode, ruler of the Deviants, and most of the Deviant ruling class attacked Olympia, principal city of their long-term enemies, the Eternals. The Eternals defeated the Deviant invaders and melded their atoms into a giant stone-like block, which they cast into space. The only known Deviant survivor is the warlord Kro.

Tode's son Ranar met with priest lord Ghaur and claimed the throne. Instead, Ghaur had Ranar put to death. Next, Kro demanded the throne from Ghaur for himself. Ghaur allowed Kro to become the new monarch, but demonstrated his contempt for Kro's new position by having one of his own guards crush Kro's royal circlet of Ascendancy beneath his feet.

Ghuar clearly intends to be the true power behind the Deviant throne. Since then, Kro has attempted to assert and maintain his own authority as rule despite the behind the scenes maneuvering by Ghaur and the priests. Kro has even found himself leading an expedition to the mysterious Pyramid of the Winds that was decreed by Ghuar. The object of his expedition is essential to Ghaur's grand plan to make the Deviants a major power not just on Earth but in the universe as a whole.

During one scheme, Ghaur finally put into operation the Deviant priesthood's millenia-old plans to challenge the alien Celestials in their role in creating the Deviant race. Ghaur ultimately infused himself with the power of a Celestial. When this power was driven from him by the power of the Eternals' Uni-mind, so was Ghaur's consciousness, and he was presumed dead.

His mind and body drifted in space for a time as a nebulous mass. The Power Cosmic of the passing Silver Surfer allowed Ghaur to reconstitute his body with some remnants of the Dreaming Celestial's power. The malign Elder God Set absorbed most of Ghaur's remaining Celestial power and expended it all to break a spell that the sorceror Doctor Strange had previously cast to keep Set in exile from Earth.

Ghaur returned to Earth, where Set directed him to form an alliance with Llyra. Together, Ghaur and Llyra reconstructed the Serpent Crown in an immense new version that was said to be indestructible. They planned to use its power to bring Set himself physically to Earth. Ghaur placed the "Mark of Set" upon seven superhuman women, thereby placing them under his control and designating them as the "Brides of Set." Ghaur intended for them to mate with Set and bear him sons. Ghaur and Llyra also sent a great sea monster to wreck the city of Atlantis, causing widespread death. These deaths did not release sufficient life energies to bring Set to Earth, so Ghaur had Andromeda retrieve the globe containing part of Set's life force from the Altar of Neptune's Wrath. He then directed one of the Brides, the hero Scarlet Witch, to use her probability-altering powers upon the globe, thereby releasing enough energy so that Set himself began to emerge physically upon the Earthly plane.

The heroes Doctor Strange, Quasar, the Thing, and Thor then dove into one of Set's mouths in order to travel into his own pocket dimension. Set withdrew from Earth to battle these four champions in his own realm, where, thanks to Thor's courage in summoning the god-eating Demogorge, Set was defeated. Doctor Strange, Quasar, the Thing, and Thor all fled from Set's dimension back to Earth. With Set's consciousness gone, Set's pocket dimension then imploded, destroying the rest of Set's body before it could regenerate its heads.

Back in undersea Lemuria, Ghaur and Llyra plotted to sacrifice the life energies of the seven Brides of Set to empower the giant Serpent Crown enough that it might possibly still bring Set physically to Earth. The Avengers, Fantastic Four, and the Sub-Mariner battled against Ghaur, Llyra, and their combined armies of Deviants and Lemurians. Finally, as Ghaur mentally probed more deeply into the Crown, he unintentionally released the spirit of Naga, former emperor of Lemuria, who was determined that the power of the Crown should be his. Naga and Ghaur engaged in a battle of wills, and finally they and Llyra suddenly vanished. The Brides of Set, released from mental control, hurled the Crown into an immense sea cavern, where it remains buried.

Height: 6 ft. 4 in.
Weight: 210 lbs.
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Blue-black

Strength Level: The level of Ghaur's strength is unknown, inasmuch as he never engages in physical hand-to-hand battle. He is believed not to be superhumanly strong.

Known Superhuman Powers: It is as yet unclear whether or not Ghuar possesses superhuman powers. In his final confrontation with the Deviant Ranar, Ghuar stated that he had studied Ranar's genetic code. Then, without any apparent action on Ghaur's part, Ghaur somehow caused tears of unknown composition to stream from Ranar's eyes and solidify about his mouth, making him unable to speak. It is not yet known whether Ghaur caused this effect through technological means or through a psionic power of his own.

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