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Dragon of the Moon
The Dragon of the Moon is a demonic entity that has existed at least since the beginning of Earth's human race and that has long sought to gain power over the people of Earth through morally corrupting them.

Over a thousand years ago the Dragon aligned itself with the forces of Mordred, the illegitimate son of King Arthur Pendragon of Britain, who sought to overthrow his father. Interloper, a member of the superhuman race of Eternals, allied himself with the forces of King Arthur. In the final great battle between the armies of Arthur and those of Mordred, Arthur's forces defeated Mordred's, Arthur and Mordred mortally wounded each other, and Interloper defeated the Dragon. (Arthur nevertheless survived and was transported to the extradimensional domain called Otherworld.) Interloper and other Eternals imprisoned the Dragon within Saturn's moon Titan, the home of the Eternals led by Mentor.

Later, the Dragon helped bring about the moral corruption of Mentor's son, Thanos, who eventually murdered most of the population of Titan.

In more recent times the Dragon made mental contact with Heather Douglas, a young Earthwoman with great psionic potential who was being raised on Titan under Mentor's guidance. As a result Douglas took the name Moondragon. Moondragon fell increasingly under the corrupting influence of the Dragon of the Moon. The Asgardian monarch, Odin, appointed Brunhilde the Valkyrie to watch over Moondragon, who eventually reformed her ways. Subsequently, however, Moondragon fell back under the Dragons mental influence. Sensing the Dragon's return, Interloper contacted the Defenders, the team of superhuman champions to whom the Valkyrie belonged. Moondragon, supported by the Dragon itself, soon attacked the Defenders. During the battle, the Valkyrie transported herself, three other Defenders - Andromeda, Interloper, who had joined the team, and Manslaughter - and the Dragon into another dimension, lying between that of Earth and those of the realms of the dead. In the process, the bodies of the four Defenders and Moondragon were destroyed. (Again free of the Dragon's influence, Moondragon has recently gained a new physical body.)

In that other dimension, the four Defenders continued their battle against the Dragon and finally defeated the creature. However, subsequently, due to the incompleteness of the mystical circle that enabled the spirits of the four Defenders to take on host bodies on Earth, the Dragon itself returned to Earth. Andromeda, Interloper, Manslaughter, and the Valkyrie, now joined by Dafydd ap lowerth, a descendant of the Pendragons and a spiritual heir to King Arthur, renamed their group the Dragon Circle. The Dragon Circle and Doctor Stephen Strange, Earth's sorcerer supreme, together defeated the Dragon once more, seemingly destroying it.

However, it is unlikely that the Dragon of the Moon has indeed been destroyed, and it remains to be seen when and how it will next menace humanity.

First Appearance: DEFENDERS #143

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