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Maison Alpha

Maison Alpha is the two-story headquarters of Alpha Flight located in what was the Civic Block, 4 Sir Winston Churchill Square, in the city of Edmonton, province of Alberta, Canada. The original structure of the Maison was built in 1957 by the city of Edmonton to be used as a city hall and civic offices. The building was donated by the city to Alpha Flight following the team's defeat of the Dreamqueen in Edmonton. Although the team was officially banned from operation under the Canadian law, the city officials of Edmonton enforced local authority to provide Alpha Flight with a base of operations, in exchange for a promise to defend the city in a future crisis. The facility was internally reconfigured by the Canadian mutant Madison Jeffries using his ability to transmute metals to his will.

A spacious circular driveway and parking lot immediately precedes the building. To its right, a former maintenance facility was reconfigured by Jeffries into an Olympic size swimming pool, enclosed within a solarium structure for year-round use. The Maison is currently undergoing further reconstructive changes to enhance security and comfort. The financing and maintenance of Maison Alpha is made possible by a trust fund set up for. Alpha Flight by Walter Langkowski with additional funding by the city of Edmonton. The site on which the Maison is constructed was part of a land sacred to the Sarcee Indian tribe. It was believed to contain a dimensional well filled with ambient mystic energy known as Earth magic.

The main floor of Maison Alpha has been reconfigured to provide a spacious living room area and three main bedrooms. The majority of the main floor is for information retrieval and storage, and offices for administrative affairs. The main library on this floor contains reference books.

The second floor of the Maison is predominantly made up of living quarters. Rooms are made available for any member of Alpha Flight who requests it. Each bedroom in the Maison is equipped with a walk-in closet and a full bathroom. A lounge and recreation room fully equipped with video games, an audio/video library and a television is the central recreation area. A quieter, private study is provided with personal computers linked to the main computer downstairs. The large meeting room is used for formal meetings. A general shared office is located on this floor, and is used mainly by Walter Langkowski to run his personal affairs.

Elizabeth Twoyoungmen has claimed the central area of the basement for her meditations as Talisman. The room is located directly over a "well" of Earth magic, which empowers the Talisman with clear precognitive vision, as well as other increased mystic abilities. Also located in this basement structure are a full medical clinic and laboratory, with an additional pathology lab. The main room is designated as a computer-run combat simulcrum, surrounded by a concrete and reinforced steel wall, and operated from a computer control center separated from the battle room by several feet of plexiglass.

First Appearance: ALPHA FLIGHT #79

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