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Guardsman Armor

Designer: Anthony Stark
Major contractor: Stark International

Armor exterior dimensions:
Height: (overall) 6 ft. 4 in.
Width: (overall) 40 in.
Width: (short axis) 24 in.
Weight: 155 lbs.

Armor composition:
Surface/Primary Layer: High carbon steel alloy mesh
Secondary Layer: Temperature insulation and regulation
Tertiary Layer: Exoskeleton support and airtight skin seal
Special Features: Radiation shielding provided against most energetic particles

Armor Articulation Motivation:
Musculature Enchantment: Contoured, linear-armatured motors. These "flat" motors are shaped like muscles which imitate and magnify normal musculature.

Power Supply:
Type: Nuclear powered thermoelectric
Primary: 2 kilowatt major electrical power supply
Secondary: (back-up) 500 watt high density dry chemical battery
Note: Nuclear fuel requires replacement at 75% effective power level, or 10 months.

Armor Systems Controls:
Type: Cybernetic inductance coupled with body motion sensors
Sub-Systems: Voice-operated, partial programming
Special Feature: Exoskeleton control circuits are linked by computer programming to precisely imitate each circuit's corresponding muscle group.

Articulation Seals / Reinforcement: External mesh is joined to composite layers so that material is its own atmospheric seal.

Life Support:
Air Supply Duration: 30 minutes.
Pressure: Normal atmospheric (14.7 pounds per square inch)
Temperature: 72°

Propulsion System:
Type: Chemically-fueled (unspecified) boot jets
Range: 120 minutes at 250 miles per hour (no load)
Lift Capacity: 1,500 lbs.
Range: 35 minutes at 135 miles per hour
Note: Mechanical throttle is controlled by part of inertial navigation system which senses loaded or unloaded motion and compensates with more or less thrust
Navigation: Small, on-board inertial drift system with simple display in helmet
Special features: Suit contains limited air supply for flight in thin atmosphere (or immersion).

Weapons Sub-Systems:
Primary: Powered exoskeleton greatly enhances strength
Description: Wearer's natural strength is amplified.
Limits: Armor is able to function while supporting about 40 tons for about 3 minutes before motor armature failure may occur. Greater weight may be supported for shorter periods.
Secondary: Radiation shielding
Description: Allows continued function under certain battle conditions.
Limits: Shielding can protect suit occupant from radiation levels of 10 REMS per hour for 3 hours.
Primary: Palm loaded repulsor rays
Description: Pulsed laser created ion channel routed electron beam
Range: About 40 feet before irregularities in plasma diffuse the beam
Limits: Energy resources for firing a total of 45 seconds.

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