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Vision (II)

IDENTITY: No dual identity
OCCUPATION: Adventurer
PLACE OF CREATION: Manhattan, New York City, New York
KNOWN RELATIVES: Nathaniel Richards (Iron Lad, Kang) and the previous Vision android (progenitors)
EDUCATION: Programmed with the accumulated knowledge of the previous Vision, plus additional self-directed studies since activation
FIRST APPEARANCE: Young Avengers #5 (2005)

HISTORY: A synthesis of two exceptional beings, the heroic young android Vision is evolving into a unique entity in his own right. His origins begin with the previous Vision, a sentient android and mainstay of the Avengers superhero team. The senior Vision eventually died in action, wrecked by his own insane ex-wife, the Scarlet Witch, and the Avengers placed his remains in storage in hopes of someday reactivating him. Meanwhile, a 16-year-old incarnation of 31st Century-born time traveler Nathaniel Richards from the alternate world Earth-6311 arrived in present-day mainstream reality, a fugitive from his own future self. Having met his time-traveling adult self and learned he was fated to become the monstrous villain Kang the Conqueror, young Nathaniel had fled into the past in the hopes that Kang’s longtime enemies, the Avengers, could help him escape his evil destiny; however, he had arrived in the present day during a period when the Avengers were disbanded. Seeking information, young Nathaniel found the Vision's remains and downloaded the android's programming, operating system and data files into a suit of neuro-kinetic armor he had obtained from Kang. These files included the "Avengers Fail-safe Program," a plan secretly developed by the late Vision to identify a new generation of potential Avengers recruits in the event of the team's destruction. Using these files, young Nathaniel recruited several Avengers-connected super-youths with whom he formed a new team as the Young Avengers, including the armored Nathaniel as Iron Lad.

Nathaniel's adult counterpart Kang eventually caught up with him, clashing with the Young Avengers, detective Jessica Jones and Avengers veterans Iron Man and Captain America to determine young Nathaniel's fate, and Kang died in the battle. Ultimately realizing that he had to fulfill his destiny as Kang or risk doing catastrophic damage to all reality, young Nathaniel returned to his native time period; however, he left behind his neuro-kinetic armor, which retained replicated impressions of Nathaniel's brain patterns, emotions and memories. Developing a physical form and powers adapted from the late Vision's programming, the armor became an independent sentient being as the new Vision, first activated during the battle with Kang. The regrouped senior Avengers tested and analyzed this new Vision for some time, reluctant to place him on active duty too soon, and the restless android eventually decided to join the Young Avengers instead. He has served capably with the team since then, though a romantic affection for teammate Stature) inherited from Iron Lad has led to an unrequited crush on the Vision's part. Vision has also discovered that twin teammates Speed and Wiccan may be the long-lost children of his elder counterpart, the previous Vision.

HEIGHT: 5 ft. 9 in.
WEIGHT: 210 lbs.
EYES: Golden
HAIR: None

ABILITIES/ACCESSORIES: Vision's neuro-kinetic body can be physically modified by his mental commands, altering his appearance and abilities - for instance, making his armored exterior more flesh-like and conventionally humanoid, or morphing his form into an armored battlesuit which can be worn by another person. He has all of the former Vision's knowledge and capacity for human emotion (though he lacks the previous Vision's firsthand life experience), and all of the previous Vision's physical capabilities: the ability to alter his own density, ranging from wraithlike intangibility to super-massive high density; superhuman strength sufficient to lift 5 five tons at standard density or 50 tons at his maximum density; absorption of solar energy which can feed his internal power supply or be released as thermal beams from his eyes or from the jewel on his forehead; enhanced durability, stamina and reflexes; the generation of holographic display images or assumption of holographic disguises; the ability to interface with and override external electronics systems; communications monitoring; and energy signature tracing. He can also open chronal portals to other time periods.

NOTE: Copied from the All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #12 (2006)

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