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Viper (II)
REAL NAME: Unrevealed
KNOWN ALIASES: Meriem Drew, Leona Hiss, Mrs. Smith, Madame Hydra
OCCUPATION: Ruler of Madripoor, former Hydra leader, terrorist, mercenary
PLACE OF BIRTH: Unrevealed location in Eastern Europe
CITIZENSHIP: Unrevealed, US criminal record
KNOWN RELATIVES: Unnamed parents (deceased), James Howlett (Wolverine, ex-husband)
GROUP AFFILIATION: Hellfire Club Inner Circle, former ally of Red Skull, former servant of Chthon, former employer of Silver Samurai and Boomerang, former leader of FANGS, Serpent Society, Serpent Squad, Hydra, former ally of Wolverine and Seraph
EDUCATION: Unrevealed
FIRST APPEARANCE: (as Madame Hydra) Captain America Vol. 1 #110 (1969), (as Viper) Captain America Vol. 1t #180 (1974)

HISTORY: Born in the 1920s, the woman who would become Viper was orphaned as a child. Allying herself with the Elder God Chthon, who greatly slowed her aging, she became a mercenary and then a pupil of the adventurer Seraph on the island nation of Madripoor. Later, Viper and Seraph rescued another pupil, the mutant adventurer Wolverine, from his arch-nemesis, the feral mutant Sabretooth. Seraph died, but not before making Wolverine swear an oath of loyalty to Viper.

Viper was eventually recruited into the terrorist organization Hydra. Taking the name Madame Hydra, she took control of their New York operations and frequently clashed with the super-soldier Captain America. She later reorganized the then-defunct Serpent Squad group and killed the original costumed criminal Viper, taking his alias. Acquiring the ancient and powerful Serpent Crown artifact, she sought world domination but was again opposed by Captain America. Viper next organized her own terrorist cell and employed the mutant warrior the Silver Samurai as her bodyguard. She clashed with several costumed adventurers, including the costumed crimefighter Spider-Woman whom she erroneously believed was her daughter. Motivated by this, Viper was able to throw off Chthon’s influence.

In recent years, after the throne of Madripoor was left without an heir, Viper forced Wolverine to honor his oath by marrying her and supporting her bid for the throne. Viper was later possessed by the demonic ninja spirit Ogun, and Wolverine was forced to wound her in order to free her. In return for receiving medical treatment, Viper agreed to divorce Wolverine. Her reign was subsequently challenged by the alien warlord Khan, but his forces were repelled by the X-Men and the Avengers.

HEIGHT: 5 ft. 9 in.
WEIGHT: 140 lbs.
EYES: Green
HAIR: Black, often dyed green
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: (formerly) facial scarring over right eye, (currently) elongated sharp canine teeth caps

SUPERHUMAN POWERS: Viper’s aging process was greatly slowed by her pact with the Elder God Chthon: however it is unclear if she has retained this gift since defying him.

SPECIAL SKILLS: Viper is a brilliant and cunning criminal strategist who has been rigorously trained in various martial arts. She is also a skilled markswoman and expert in the use of a bullwhip.

Viper is also extremely knowledgeable in the properties and uses of toxins. poisons, and snake venoms, frequently creating her own poisons that she spreads through hollow fangs or poisoned lipstick. Viper has rendered herself immune to most toxins via controlled exposure.

PERSONAL WEAPONRY Viper carries a set of throwing darts tipped with lethal snake venom.

OTHER ACCESSORIES: Viper employs a teleportation ring that was activated when twisted.

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