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Smartship Friday

The Kymellian Aelfyre Whitemane, known as Whitey, a student of Earth's literature, possessed a Kymellian smartship which named itself "Friday" after the celebrated character in Daniel Defoe's novel Robinson. A smartship is a starship controlled by a computer system that is so highly advanced that the system is, in effect, a sentient being which is capable of independent thought, which possesses a distinctly "human"-like personality, and which is apparently capable of emotions such as loyalty and love towards living beings.

Fatally wounded by Snark weaponry, Whitemane transferred his superhuman abilities into four children, Alex, Jack, Julie, and Katie Power, and died. The four children became the team of adventurers known as Power Pack. From then on, Friday devoted itself to the Power children's service.

Friday is capable of interstellar travel through hyperspace. Friday has little weaponry for conducting battles with other starships, but is highly maneuverable and capable of high speeds even in normal space (as opposed to hyperspace). Friday can change its own shape, externally and internally, to an unknown degree. Friday can also manufacture certain items, such as the costumes made of unstable molecules that it provided for the Power children.

Recently Friday was severely damaged by Snark warrior spacecraft, and crashed and burned on the Snark throneworld. Friday has the capacity for self-repair to an unknown extent. Alex recovered Friday, whose intelligence was saved in the Pack's home computer.

When Power family moved to Washington, the Power Pack almost immediately embroiled in a civil war happening on Snark World. Friday was given a new Starship body in order that the Pack might travel for this adventure, and Friday returned the Pack to Earth, continuing to be their friend and transportation.

Friday possesses all the capabilities as any space-faring Smartship, and is able to teleport passengers for short distances within planetary atmosphere and even transform into "land-vehicle" mode. Friday can repair itself and even create various artifacts like Star Trek's replication processes.

First Appearance: POWER PACK #1

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