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Silver Fox
REAL NAME: Silver Fox
KNOWN ALIASES: Zora de Plata, numerous others
OCCUPATION: Terrorist, former government operative
CITIZENSHIP: Canadian, no known criminal record
PLACE OF BIRTH: Presumably an unnamed community in the Canadian Rockies
MARITAL STATUS; Presumed single
GROUP AFFILIATION: Formerly Hydra, Team X
EDUCATION; Unrevealed
FIRST APPEARANCE: Wolverine Vol. 2 #10 (1989)

HISTORY: Silver Fox was a young member of the Blackfoot Indian tribe who, in the early 1910s, fell in love with a young mutant named Logan and shared a cabin with him in a remote community in the Canadian Rockies. Another resident of their community, the mutant called Sabretooth, sensed Logan’s similarity to himself and sought dominance over him. One evening. Sabretooth attacked Silver Fox, raping her and leaving her for dead. Enraged, Logan fought Sabretooth in a savage battle but was defeated; he left town, unaware she had survived.

Decades later, Silver Fox became an operative of the US government’s Weapon X Program, joining the field unit known as Team X where she was reunited with both Logan, now known as Wolverine, and Sabretooth. Since the members of Team X were all subjected to memory alterations, it is unclear how much of their past involvement the three remembered at the time. As a result of an extreme reaction to her memory implants, Silver Fox betrayed Wolverine and Sabretooth on a mission in Cuba in 1963. She subsequently became a terrorist, clashing with her former teammates on another mission in Ontario, and eventually she became an agent of the international terrorist group Hydra.

Years later, Silver Fox monitored Wolverine’s quest for answers about the Weapon X Program, killing the Weapon X scientist called the Professor to prevent his interference. She subsequently allied with the leader of the ninja clan the Hand, Matsu’o Tsurayaba, and hired the Japanese assassin Reiko to poison Wolverine’s beloved, Mariko Yashida. When the former Team X member Mastodon rapidly aged and died, Silver Fox gathered Wolverine and the other remaining Team X alumni to seek answers. Their search led them to Aldo Ferro, the same man who had crafted Team X’s memory implants decades ago. During the course of the confrontation, Silver Fox was slain by Sabretooth, and Wolverine buried her near the cabin where they had found happiness so long ago.

HEIGHT: 5 ft. 7 in.
WEIGHT: 121 lbs.
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Black

SUPERHUMAN POWERS: Silver Fox was a mutant whose superhuman powers were never revealed. She received age suppression treatments from the Weapon X Program, causing her to age slowly, if at all. over a period of decades. She also allegedly possessed a healing factor distilled from Wolverine’s. although it was apparently insufficient to save her from the fatal injuries inflicted by Sabretooth.

SPECIAL SKILLS: Silver Fox was an experienced markswoman and a highly trained hand-to-hand combatant. Her rapid rise through the ranks of Hydra indicated strong leadership skills.

PERSONAL WEAPONRY: Silver Fox used various handguns and other weapons as a Team X operative, terrorist, and Hydra leader.

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