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Real Name: Numinus
Occupation: Universal guiding spirit
Identity: Her existence is unknown to the general population of the Universe
Legal Status: None
Other Aliases: None known
Piece of Birth: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None known, although Numinus has claimed relationship to Eternity Death and Galactus
Group Affiliation: None
Base of Operations: Mobile, throughout the known Universe
First Appearance: POWER PACK #51

History: Little is known about the entity known as Numinus the self-proclaimed guiding spirit of the Universe. Numinus has claimed to be the living embodiment of numinosity, a guiding spirit presiding over the affairs of sentient beings throughout the universe. Her only apparent purpose is to manipulate the activities of sentient beings throughout the universe and reawaken them, to whatever degree they may be made aware, to the wonder in the universe. She does so by searching for sentient beings in desperate situations, and, through her manipulations, bringing events to an improbable but awe-inspiring resolution.

The first recorded revelation of the Numinus to humans was to the pre-adolescent group of super heroes known as Power Pack. Numinus appeared before the group as they returned to Earth from the destroyed planet, Kymellia. The entity convinced the team to return to the space station which housed the technocratic society of the planet's survivors. Power Pack arrived at the space station in time to save the Kymellians from an attack by the former Queen Mother Maraud, former Queen Mother of the warlike world of Zz'nrk. The true purpose or design of Numinus in this and similar acts of apparent benevolence remain unclear.

Height: 27 ft. 11 in.
Weight: 17.7 tons
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black

Strength Level: Numinus possesses Class 100 strength, enabling her to lift over 100 tons, although she may use her vast power to increase her strength immeasurably beyond that.

Known Superhuman Powers: Numinus possesses the cosmic power beyond the abilities of humans to measure. She is able to tap into the vast energy of the universe for an incalculable number of effects. Some of her most rudimentary abilities include the ability to manifest an impenetrable energy field around herself or others.

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