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Real name: Unknown
Other aliases: None
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Student
Legal status: Citizen of the Island of Samoa with no known criminal record, still a minor
Place of birth: Island of Samoa
Marital status: Single
Known relatives: None
Base of operations: Massachusetts Academy, Massachusetts
Group affiliation: Generation X
First appearance: GENERATION X #3

History: Little is known about the Samoan native called Mondo, except that some time after his power manifested he used it to save two Samoan youths from drowning, and he met up with Cordelia Frost, the sister of Emma Frost, the White Queen.

In an effort to join the new Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club, Cordelia betrayed Mondo, had him captured, and brought him to the United States to display to the Inner Circle Black King, Shinobi Shaw. While he was being delivered to Shaw, he was rescued by Cordelia's sister Emma, known as the White Queen, and her students, known as Generation X. Mondo returned to the Massachusetts Academy with the rest of the team and became a member of Generation X.

During the time spent at the Academy, Mondo was captured by Black Tom Cassidy, cousin to the Academy's headmaster, Banshee, and apparently replaced with a duplicate constructed of organic matter. Black Tom and the false Mondo attacked the academy in an attempt to capture the students. "Mondo" was hunting the Generation X member known as Jubilee when he was apparently killed by the man known only as Bastion, who then captured Jubilee. Since Bastion had killed the false Mondo, the whereabouts and current status of the real Mondo are as yet unrevealed.

Height: 5 ft. 10 in.
Weight: 260 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

Strength level: Mondo normally possesses the normal human strength of a man his age, height, and build who engages in no regular exercise. When using his power, Mondo is able to grow in mass with an assumed proportionate growth in strength to superhuman levels.

Known superhuman powers: Mondo is a mutant who is able to absorb organic matter into his body, gaining the mass, appearance, and other properties of the matter in question. This change will remain until Mondo's body "digests" the organic matter, which is then disintegrated.

Mondo is also able to use his power to travel through organic matter, such as dirt, and can appear instantaneously in the immediate vicinity of where he entered the earth.

NOTE: Bumper Robinson played him in Generation X made for T.V. movie.

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