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Real Name: Unrevealed
Occupation: Former assistant leader of the Demi-Men, former stage hypnotist and circus manager
Identity: Secret, possibly known to the police
Legal Status: Citizenship unknown; presumably now has a criminal record
Other Aliases: None known
Place of Birth: Unrevealed
Marital Status: Unrevealed, presumably single
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: Former assistant leader of the Demi-Men
Base of Operations: Current base unrevealed
First Appearance: X-MEN #49

History: Nothing is known about Mesmero's life until he became involved in the first known major operation launched by the master roboticist Samuel "Starr" Saxon, who later became known as the Machinesmith. Saxon constructed a robotic duplicate of Magneto, the mutant with great magnetic powers who was then believed to be dead. He also built a small army of robots with strange powers called the Demi-Men. Saxon's plan was to use these androids as his means of accumulating vast wealth and power, while deceiving the world into believing them to be superhuman mutants, who had become objects of widespread fear.

Saxon decided that he needed some actual mutants to help him lead the robotic army while he himself remain behind the scenes, giving direction through the Magneto robot. First, Saxon had the robot Magneto recruit Mesmero to serve as second in command. Apparently Mesmero did not know that the "Magneto" he served was a robot, and he was probably entirely unaware of Saxon's involvement.

Then Saxon decided that a mutant who was a natural source of magnetic power would be useful in dealing with his metal robot army. Mesmero captured Lorna Dane, the mutant later known as Polaris, and used an advanced scientific means to activate her latent magnetic powers. He also used his hypnotic powers to induce her to sympathize with the bogus Magneto, whom the orphaned Dane was told was her father. Shortly afterwards, however, Mesmero dropped his control over Dane, overconfidently assuming that she would obey her supposed father no matter what happened. After Dane learned that Magneto was not her father, she joined the X-Men in battling the false Magneto. Mesmero and the Magneto robot escaped, but the Demi-Men were destroyed. Mesmero later discovered that the Magneto he served was a robot when Sentinel robots captured Mesmero and demolished the Magneto robot before his eyes.

Later, Magneto tried to take revenge on the X-Men by mesmerizing a number of them into acting as performers or freaks in a small circus he ran. The X-Men broke free of his conditioning, and Mesmero fled.

Afterwards, Mesmero performed as a stage hypnotist in New York City until he menaced Spider-Man and was defeated by him.

Later, Mesmero briefly gave up his criminal career, moving to England and setting himself up as a hypno-therapist. Evenutally, he was discovered by the mutant twins Fenris, who attempted to extort Mesmero into committing crimes for themselves or risk their reporting his whereabouts. Mesmero hypnotized the British hero team Excalibur to protect him, except for their member Shadowcat, who was attending Saint Searle's School for Young Ladies at the time. Shadowcat freed her teammates, and with them took the fight to Fenris directly. Mesmero was defeated by Lockeed, Shadowcat's pet dragon and other St. Searle students.

Later still, Mesmero was hunted down by the Dark Riders and seemingly killed. In reality, Mesmero revealed that he hypnotized the Dark Riders into thinking they had killed him.

Mesmero next tried to control the Canadian hero team Alpha Flight, and he pitted the members of Alpha Flight against each other. The heroes soon broke free of hypnotic hold over them, and Mesmero escaped.

Mesmero tried to gain revenge on the X-Men, hypnotizing them into believing they were back in medieval times. Mesmero, playing the role of an evil wizard, was knocked unconscious by Shadowcat and the illusion was broken.

Mesmero's current location and activities are unknown at this time.

Height: 5 ft. 10 in.
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eyes: Red irises surrounded by yellow
Hair: Green
Skin: Green

Strength Level: Mesmero has the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engages in moderate regular exercise.

Known Superhuman Powers: Mesmero is a mutant with superhuman hypnotic abilities. He can put virtually any person under his mental control by establishing eye contact with him or her for a few seconds. He can induce partial or complete amnesia in a victim, implant new memories in him or her, and almost totally alter his or her personality. Moreover, he has been shown to be able to maintain such effects in seven victims simultaneously. Mesmero can mentally force a victim to do virtually anything he wishes him or her to do that is within his or her abilities.

Mesmero can also induce various sensations, such as different kinds of pain, in the minds of others even if these people are not under his mental control, he can also cause others to see, hear, and feel illusions.

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