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Lockheed is a small alien creature resembling a dragon of Earthly legend. The team of superhuman mutants known as the X-Men once went to "Broodworld," home of the malevolent alien race known as the Brood. While the X-Men were there, a small alien dragon began following Kitty Pryde, the X-Man now known as Shadowcat. When members of the Brood captured her, the little fire-breathing dragon came to her defense. Pryde was reunited with the X-Men, but they all had to leave the planet because of an oncoming disaster. Moments after they were teleported to their allies' starship, "Broodworld" was destroyed.

Pryde regretfully assumed that the dragon had been killed in "Broodworld's" destruction. One day shortly after returning to Earth, Pryde noticed that something strange was going on down in the lower maintenance tunnels beneath the X-Men's headquarters. While investigating, Pryde found the little dragon in one of the tunnels, and the two were overjoyed to be reunited. Pryde was then attacked by alien Sidrian Hunters. Pryde, the dragon, whom she named Lockheed, and her fellow X-Man Colossus fought and defeated the Sidri.

Charles Xavier, the X-Men's founder, told Pryde Lockheed could stay at the mansion. Lockheed has since won the affection of the X-Men and Xavier's other team, the New Mutants, and proved to be a valiant ally to both groups in battle. Lockheed and Kitty Pryde are especially fond of one another.

Lockheed derives his name from a fairy tale that Pryde once invented. Pryde based a gigantic talking dragon in her story on the X-Men's aircraft, the Blackbird, which was originally designed at Lockheed Aircraft, and named him Lockheed. Pryde named her little alien dragon after the big one in her story

It is not known whether "Broodworld" was Lockheed's home planet or how he reached Earth. Nor is it known whether there are other living members of his race. It is not known whether he is a child or adult, or if he will grow any larger. Lockheed appears to be quite intelligent, seems able at times to understand English, and even at times appears to have a language of his own. However, the exact extent of his intelligence remains unknown, and it is unclear whether he truly has comprehends any language.

The extent of Lockheed's strength is unclear. He can probably carry the equivalent to his own weight (in addition to supporting his own weight) aloft in flight. His forepaws are too small to carry much, so he usually carries objects in his mouth. Through an unknown process, Lockheed can exhale flame at will. The highest temperatures that this flame can reach are unknown, but Lockheed can wreak considerable damage with it. Lockheed is himself immune to intense heat and flames, within certain undefined limits. Lockheed's bat like wings enable him to fly. His highest rate of speed is unknown. For unknown reasons Lockheed's mind resists Professor Xavier's attempts to probe it telepathically. When Pryde was severely injured in battle with the villainous Marauders, she was taken to the mutant research facility on Muir Island to recuperate, and Lockheed went with her. Similarly, Pryde took Lockheed with her when she made her subsequent home with members of the team Excalibur. Presumably, when Pryde returned to the X-Men's mansion in the United States after her long tenure with Excalibur was ended, Lockheed returned as well.

First Appearance: X-MEN #166

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