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Living Mummy
Real Name: N'Kantu
Occupation: Ex-warrior, ex-king, ex-slave, now wanderer
Identity: Unknown
Legal Status: Non-entity. His existence is unknown to the general public.
Former Aliases: None
Place of Birth: Nation of the Swarilis, Northern Africa
Marital Status: Widowed
Known Relatives: T'Chombi (father, deceased), V'Leema (wife, deceased)
Group Affiliation: None
Base of Operations: Egypt

History: Three thousand years ago, N'Kantu, chieftain of the Swarili tribe in Northern Africa, was taken captive with his people by a band of Egyptian slavers. Prized for their great strength, the Swarilis were bound in chains and forced into hard labor building a stone temple. Working by day, N'Kantu plotted rebellion against the reigning pharaoh, Aram-Set, by night. When word of the planned insurrection reached the ears of the pharaoh, Aram-Set and his high priest Nephrus decided to kill all the slaves upon completion of the temple. When that time came, however, N'Kantu led the revolt and killed the pharaoh. Nephrus managed to subdue the rebel slave, and to punish him for his crime, drained his blood and replaced it with a special preservative fluid. He then wrapped the Swarili leader in bandages from head to toe and entombed the still-conscious but totally immobile body in a casket. In the last half of the Twentieth Century, the paralyzing fluid finally wore off and N'Kantu awoke. Totally insane from being trapped beneath the desert for 3 millennia, N'Kantu dug himself free and went on a rampage that culminated in the streets of Cairo. Grabbing a telephone pole to use as a weapon, N'Kantu was electrocuted by a dangling power line. The shock sent him into suspended animation for a few weeks, and when it wore off, his sanity had returned. Immortal, N'Kantu has wandered Egypt and Africa, searching for a reason to exist.

Height: 7 ft. 6 in.
Weight: 650 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: None

Strength Level: The Living Mummy possesses superhuman strength and vitality conferred by an unusual process of mummification. He can lift (press) approximately 4.5 tons.

Known Superhuman Powers: The mummification process replaced N'Kantu's blood with some unknown energy-conferring preservative fluid and also transformed his flesh to the consistency of mild steel. N'Kantu can resist penetration wounds up to small caliber bullets. Although superhumanly strong, the Living Mummy is unable to use his strength for athletic feats due to his limited mobility. His speed and reaction time is slightly less than that of the average human being.

Due to the life-preserving fluid, the Living Mummy no longer has the conventional human needs of food, water, sleep, etc. Because his body no longer manufactures saliva his throat is very dry, and he can only speak with great difficulty

Limitations: The Living Mummy is vulnerable to any dehydrating substance or process (heat, fire, etc.) that interferes with the circulation of the preservative fluid in his veins. The effect of prolonged subjection to such is unknown. Presumably the preserving fluid replenishes itself akin to blood.

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