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Invisible Woman

Real Name: Susan Storm Richards
Occupation: Adventurer
Identity: Publicly known
Legal Status: No criminal record
Other Aliases: None
Place of Birth: Glenville, Long Island, New York
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Reed Richards (husband), Franklin Richards (son), Johnny Storm (brother)
Group Affiliation: Fantastic Four
Base of Operations: Pier Four, New York City
First Appearance: FANTASTIC FOUR #1

History: Susan Storm, the eldest of two children born to a physician and his wife, grew up comfortably in suburban Long Island. At age 12 she met her future husband, Reed Richards, then a Columbia University graduate student living in her aunt's New York City rooming house. Enamored of the shy but handsome scientist, Sue promised to keep in touch with him. When she moved to California to pursue an acting career, Sue again encountered Richards, and the two began a romantic relationship.

An aeronautical engineer, Richards was working on a starship that would make it possible to travel to other solar systems. When the government threatened to cut off its partial funding of the project, Richards decided to make an immediate test flight. It would have been just him and his friend, pilot Benjamin Grimm -- but Susan and her brother, Johnny, insisted on going along. In space, the starship unexpectedly encountered intense radiation, which caused the crew to abort the flight and crash to Earth. Following the accident, the four discovered that the cosmic radiation had triggered mutagenic changes in their bodies. Now able to turn invisible at will, Sue became a founding member of Reed Richards' team of adventurers, the Fantastic Four.

Height: 5 ft. 6 in.
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Other Distinguishing Features: None

Known Superhuman Powers: Sue Richards' psionic ability to manipulate ambient cosmic energy enables her to bend light around her body without distortion, thus rendering herself invisible. The cells of her body produce an unknown form of energy she can mentally project around other people and objects -- rending them invisible, as well. Richards' brain cells produce psionic force she can shape into relatively simple forms - such as rectangle planes, globes, cylinders, cones and domes. Also, she can mentally project protective fields that are highly resistant to concussive forces. And by projecting columns of psionic force beneath her, she can travel through the air.

Other Abilities: None

Weapons / Paraphernalia: None

Rebecca Staab played her in Fantastic Four the movie.
Jessica Alba played her in Fantasic Four movie (2005).

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