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Hawkeye (II)
REAL NAME: Katherine "Kate" Elizabeth Bishop
ALIASES: Hawkingbird, Mockingbird, Taskmistress, Weapon Woman
PLACE OF BIRTH: New York City, New York
KNOWN RELATIVES: Derek Bishop (father), Eleanor Bishop (mother, deceased), Susan Bishop (sister)
EDUCATION: Enrolled at Hawlhorne Academy preparatory school
FIRST APPEARANCE: (Bishop) Young Avengers #t (2005); (Hawkeye) Young Avengers #12 (2006)

HISTORY: The daughter of rich publishing magnate Derek Bishop, Kate Bishop never felt comfortable with wealth; like her mother, she donated time and money to soup kitchens, women's shelters, and other worthy causes. After her mother was killed, Kate became even more active in charity. Later attacked and raped in Central Park, Kate received the best therapy that money could buy; she also undertook an intensive physical fitness and self-defense training regimen, determined never again to let herself or anyone else be victimized if she could prevent it. At her upscale private school, the Hawthorne Academy, and at the elite Interlochen National Music Camp, Kate studied archery, fencing, kickboxing, and various martial arts.

A major social event, Kate's sister's wedding at New York's St. Patrick's Cathedral was interrupted by five gunmen who held the guests hostage when the police cornered them inside. When the novice heroes known as the "Young Avengers" subdued most of the gunmen, Kate tied to join the fight and ended up with a gun to her head, but used one of Patriot's throwing stars to down her assailant. Kate's "heroics" made the evening news, and when Cassie Lang sought her out trying to locate the Young Avengers, the two girls tracked the group to the ruins of Avengers Mansion, where the senior Avengers were trying to convince their youthful counterparts to disband. Carefully observing Iron Man as he unlocked doors, Kate used his passcodes to free Cassie and the Young Avengers after the Avengers confined them for their own safety. She also scavenged costumes and weaponry from nearby rooms, outfitting herself with equipment formerly used by past Avengers members Hawkeye, Mockingbird (Bobbi Morse), and the Swordsman. When the Avengers and Young Avengers battled Kang, Kate fought beside them, but afterwards was forced to surrender the equipment.

Unwilling to give up the chance to make a real difference, Kate pushed the other Young Avengers to remain together, using her father's funds to purchase new costumes and weaponry for the team. Appropriating an empty publishing warehouse of her father's to use as team headquarters, she arranged its refitting and refurnishing. When Patriot left the group, she acted as unofficial leader in his absence despite being the only Young Avenger both without powers and the only member who had not been part of the Vision's Failsafe Program (a list of young Avengers - connected adventurers and potential adventurers compiled by the Vision as a means of recruiting the next generation of Avengers should the original team be dissolved; Iron Lad accessed this list, using it to form the Young Avengers). Her lack of a code name earned her several nicknames, from Hawkingbird to Weapon Woman, but she finally adopted the costumed alias "Hawkeye."

HIEGHT: 5 ft. 5 in.
WIEGHT: 120 lbs.
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Black

ABILITIES/ACCESSORIES: Highly athletic; Kate is skilled with various weapons and combat forms. Her weaponry is modeled on Hawkeye's bow and arrows, Mockingbird's battle staves, and the Swordsman's sword. It is unknown whether these weapons have the special properties and features that their templates did. She carries assorted smaller accessories in pouches in and on her belt. Kate has access to great wealth through her father. She is an excellent cellist.

NOTE: Copied from the All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #5 (2006)

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