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Laura Dean
Real Name: Laura Dean
Occupation: Former adventurer
Identity: Publicly known
Legal Status: Citizen of Canada with no criminal record, still a minor
Other Aliases: Pathway
Place of Birth: An unidentified Canadian city
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Darby (father), Susan (mother), Goblyn (sister)
Group Affiliation: Former member of the Derangers and Beta Flight
Base of Operations: Formerly Alpha Flight headquarters, now unrevealed
First Appearance: ALPHA FLIGHT #53

History: Laura Dean's father, Darby Dean, was a leading member of a Canadian organization opposed to superhuman mutants. Prenatal screening of his pregnant wife, Susan, revealed that she was carrying twin girls, one of whom was a mutant with a nonhuman form. (In fact, both twins were mutants, but the twin who would be named Laura had a human form and hence was not detected as a mutant.) The Deans agreed to have Susan undergo an experimental medical, procedure whereby the unborn mutant twin would be bombarded with radiation that would kill her, while sparing the other fetus. During the procedure, however, the "normal" fetus, somehow sensing the danger to her twin, moved to intercept the radiation aimed at her sister. Realizing what was happening, the doctor supervising the procedure halted the experiment. Six months later, one child, Laura, was born to the Deans. There was no sign of what had happened to the other twin. In fact, Laura had unconsciously activated her own mutant power to transport her sister to safety within another dimension, which Laura eventually named "Liveworld." (Laura referred to Earth as "the Deadworld," since she and Goblyn saw it as a place of suffering.)

Laura was autistic into her adolescence, and became a patient at the New Life Clinic, which was operated by Lionel Jeffries, the madman called Scramble. There Scramble used his superhuman powers to cause Laura to release her sister, who became known as Goblyn, from the "Liveworld" dimension to Earth. (Whenever Goblyn came to Earth, Laura took her place in "Liveworld." When Laura returned to Earth, Goblyn would again return to "Liveworld.") Later, another menace, known as Bedlam, made Goblyn a member of his team of superhuman pawns, known as the Derangers. Bedlam pitted the Derangers against the members of Alpha Flight, a team of Canadian superhuman champions, in a battle that ended in the deaths of all the Derangers except Goblyn.

The Purple Girl, a member of Alpha Flight's training division, Beta Flight, befriended both Laura and Goblyn, who were then inducted into Beta Flight as well. By now Laura was no longer autistic.

Later, while Laura was in Liveworld, she was captured by the dimension's ruler, the Dreamqueen. The members, of Alpha Flight, including Goblyn, journeyed to Liveworld, rescued Laura, and battled the Dreamqueen, who then transported herself and them all to Earth, which she intended to conquer. Hence, Laura and Goblyn now coexisted on Earth for the first time. During the battle, former Alpha Flight member Puck seized the Dreamqueen, who stood within a dimensional portal between Liveworld and Earth. Realizing that she herself had the mutant power to open and close interdimensional portals, Laura then shut the portal, trapping the Dreamqueen within her own dimension.

Laura and Goblyn both served in Beta Flight for a time afterwards, assisting the members of Alpha Flight on missions. Recently, however, Laura left Beta Flight to try to lead a more normal life, and took Goblyn with her.

Height: 4 ft. 8 in.
Weight: 90 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

Strength Level: Laura Dean possesses the normal human strength of a girl of her age, height, and build who engages in moderate regular exercise.

Known Superhuman Powers: Laura Dean is a mutant with the superhuman psionic ability to open portals into other dimensions at will. She can also mentally close any interdimensional portal that she has used her powers to open.

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