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Real Name: Clea
Occupation: Former disciple of Dr. Stephen Strange, former leader of the revolutionary force in the Dark Dimension, now ruler of the Dark Dimension
Identity: Publicly know in the Dark Dimension; the general public of Earth does not know that Clea is and extradimensional or believe that she is a true sorceress
Legal Status: Princess of the Dark Dimension
Other Aliases: None
Place of Birth: The Dark Dimension
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Umar (mother), Orini (father), Dormammu (uncle), Olnar (granfather, deceased)
Goup Affiliation: Former disciple of Dr. Strange, former associate of the Defenders, former leader of the revolutionary forces in the Dark Dimension
Base of Operations: Formerly New York City, now the Dark Dimension
First Appearance: STRANGE TALES #126

History: Clea is the daughter of Umar, a member of the extradimensional Faltinian race. And of Prince Orini, the son of Olnar, former ruler of the Dark Dimension. (The Dark Dimension is a small "pocket" universe in a dimension other that Earth's, in which the laws of reality are different from those in the Earth dimension.) Exiles from their native dimension, Umar and her brother Dormammu had allied themselves with Olnar. Olnar was killed by the savage beings called the Mindless Ones, leaving a son, Orini, who could not yet succeed his father as ruler since he was an infant. Dormammu was declared regent since he and Umar had saved the people of the Dark Dimension from the Mindless Ones, and he raised Orini as his ward. Dormammu did not surrender the throne to Orini when the latter reached adulthood; instead, Orini became Dormammu's leading disciple. Upon becoming an adult, Orini first met Umar, and fell deeply in love with her; However, Umar was disgusted by her affair with Orini and has since treated him contemptuously. After Clea's birth, she gave Clea to Orini to rise, and until recently, only Umar and Orini knew that Umar was Clea's mother.

Clea befriended and aided Dr Stephen Strange on his first journeys into the Dark Dimension to do battle with Dormammu, who has long sought to conquer Earth. As a result of these encounters, Doctor Strange and Clea fell in love with each other. After Dormammu became trapped in another pocket dimension as a result of a clash with Eternity, Umar escaped the pocket universe to which Dormammu had exiled her. Umar took over the throne of the Dark Dimension and, determined to avenge her brothers defeat by Strange, used Clea as her hostage to induce Strange to return to the Dark Dimension to battle her. Strange rescued Clea from Umar's attempt to kill her, but, in order to safeguard Clea from further attack, was forced to allow his mentor, the Ancient One to send her into yet another pocket dimension, from which it was thought Clea might never return.

It turned out that Clea had gone to the same pocket cosmos to which Dormammu had been exiled. Eventually, Doctor Strange found his way there, just as Dormammu was preparing his long-awaited escape. Strange freed Clea from her exile there, and Clea came to live on Earth in New York City. She soon moved into Dr. Strange's House, and spent several years there as his lover and disciple in the mystic arts. During this time Clea developed a great deal of her mystical potential as her knowledge of magic increased.

With Dormammu's most recent disappearance, Umar assumed the throne of the Dark Dimension. Clea returned to the Dark Dimension to lead the forces of rebellion there in their attempt to overthrow her. Clea was joined there by Dr. Strange, who mystically probed Orini's mind, thus learned the Umar was Clea's mother, and told Clea. Clea finally defeated Umar in personal combat. Umar and Orini, who remains loyal to her, were placed in suspended animation within mystic capsules which were sent adrift in another pocket dimension. Clea is now ruler of the Dark Dimension

Height: 5 ft. 8 in.
Weight: 190 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White

Strength Level: Since Clea is the daughter of Umar, a member of the extradimensional Faltine race, her physical strength is greater by an unknown amount than that of an Earth woman of the same height, build, and physical age.

Known Superhuman Powers: Clea possesses formidable abilities for manipulating mystical forces for various purposes, due to her training by Dr. Strange and her Faltine descent. At this point, Clea is Sorceress Supreme of the Dark Dimension, and her power equals that of Umar at Umar's peak. Clea finally achieved this high level of power in her battle with Umar that led to Clea's becoming ruler of the Dark Dimension. At that point, the "flames of regency," that by Dormammu's spell appears about the head of the ruler of the Dark Dimension, surrounded Clea's head. The flames, which do not harm Clea, will remain about her head as long as she is ruler. It is believed that the flames themselves may have increased Clea's power. Whenever Dormammu has been deposed and Umar succeeded him, the flames appeared about her head , and her power increased.

Presumably Clea generates great mystical energy within her own body as Dormammu and Umar do, and can draw upon it. It remains to be seen what Clea can do with her newly increased power. While she was a student of Dr. Strange and removed from the Dark Dimension, her magic, like his seemed to be derived from three major sources: personal power of the soul/mind/body (such as mesmerismand thought casting), power gained by tapping the ambient magical energy of the universe she inhabits and employing it for special effects (such as illusion-casting and energy projection), and finally, powers gained through the tapping of mystical energy from other dimensions by invoking entities of objects of power existing in those dimensions. The latter means of power is usually gained by the recitation of spells, either ritualized ones found in various mystical text or original spells invoking extradimensional assistance.

The full range of Clea's mystical abilities have yet to be seen. However, it has been theorized the Clea, ay least potentially, can now perform any magical feat that her mentor Dr. Strange or her mother Umar can. Clea's abilities are, however, limited by her amount of training and experience. It is known that Clea can form and hurl magical energy bolts with a high degree of potemcy and skill. She can use local magical energy for the conjuration of at least physical objects or for unusual luminescent effects. She has an extensive knowledge of sorcerous spells and incantations which were taught her by Dr. Strange and which invoke the names and aspects of various extradimensional power sources for very specific effects without taxing her own personal abilities.

As the daughter of Umar, a member of the extradimensional race Faltine race, Clea has a body whose density is somewhat greater than that of an Earth human. As a result, she weighs more than an Earth woman of the same height and build would.

The rate at which Clea ages is unknown. Her father has aged very slowly over the centuries, and her mother has apparently not aged at all over this same amount of time. It has been speculated that Clea is thousands of years old; however, physically, she remains a young woman.

Other Abilities: Clea received intensive training in hand-to-hand combat and various athletic skills as part of her studies with Dr. Strange.

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