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Real name: Cletus Kasady
Occupation: Convict
Group affiliation: None
Base of operations: New York City
First appearance: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #344 (as Cletus Kasady, 1991), Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #360 (as Carnage, 1992)

History: Homicidal maniac Cletus Kasady was serving 11 consecutive prison terms when an opportunity for early parole presented itself in the form of his new cellmate: Eddie Brock, human host to a symbiotic costume once worn by the wisecracking, wall-crawling super hero known as Spider-Man. Monster and man had merged to become the villainous Venom, but Brock was separated from the alien during a battle with the web-slinger. While Brock waited for the symbiote to spring him from prison, Kasady entertained him with his homicidal philosophy on life: Even the average person can commit murder, if only he has the courage.

As anticipated, the Venom symbiote attempted to free Brock by inciting a destructive jailbreak. Unknown to its human host, the alien was pregnant. It gave birth during the disastrous rescue. Left behind in the midst of the riot that ensued, the symbiote's spawn bonded with Kasady. Empowered far beyond the levels of Spider-Man and Venom, he made good his escape -- intent on using his newfound power to disseminate his lethal doctrine.

Embarking on a citywide killing spree, Carnage was confronted by Spider-Man. However, the wall-crawler's amazing arachnid-like abilities were insufficient to subdue the thrice-strong serial killer. Spider-Man was forced to enlist the aid of the Fantastic Four, the greatest team of superhuman adventurers ever assembled. He also sought the assistance of another, more dangerous ally: Venom, his hated foe. But the villain despised its offspring even more, and agreed to help. Facing the combined might of Spider-Man, Venom and the Fantastic Four, Carnage was captured and imprisoned at the Ravencroft Asylum.

Perhaps due in part to his insanity, Carnage's strength and abilities far exceed those of his predecessors, Venom and Spider-Man. Once, he even dispatched his symbiote through a phone line by reducing the alien to its cellular level. When an army of symbiotes invaded Earth, Carnage learned to feed on other aliens to increase his own mass. However formidable, almost all his bloodthirsty endeavors have culminated with his return to the Ravencroft Asylum, where the search continues for a cure to his homicidal tendencies.

Height: 6 ft. 1 in.
Weight: 190 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red

Known Superhuman Powers: Besides superhuman strength and agility, Carnage can adhere to most surfaces with his hands and feet, project a web-like substance, and mutate sections of his symbiotic costume into detachable weapons.

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