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Real Name: Byrrah
Occupation: Member of Atlantian royalty, warrior
Identity: Known in Atlantis
Legal Status: Citizen of Atlantis with a criminal record, former exile
Other Aliases: None
Place of Birth: The Atlantean Antarctic settlement
Marital Status: Presumed single
Known Relatives: Thakorr (stepfather, deceased), Fen (stepsister, deceased), Namor, Namorita (cousins), Namora, Dorma (cousins, deceased)
Group Affiliation: Former ally pf Attuma, Krang, Dr. Lemuel Dorcas, and the Badoon
Base of Operations: Usually Atlantis, formerly Lemuria and the Atlantean Antarctic settlement
First Appearance: MARVEL MYSTERY COMICS #82

History: Prince Byrrah of Atlantis was the stepson of the Atlantean emperor Thakoor and hence was a possible heir to Thakoor's throne. However the more likely heir was Byrrah's cousin Namor, the Sub-Mariner, who was Thakoor's grandson. Because Namor was the son of the Atlantean Princess Fen and the surface man Leonard McKenzie. Byrrah regarded Namor as a halfbreed who was unworthy of the throne.When they were both boys growing up in the Atlantean city beneath the Atlantic Ocean,Byrrah pretended to be Namor's friend. But even then Byrrah was seeking a way to rid himself of Namor so that he himself would inherit Thakoor's throne. In fact, it was Byrrah who suggested to Thakorr that Namor make his first journey to the civilization of the surface people; it was Byrrah's hope that Namor would never return.

Both as boys and as adults, before the destruction of the Atlanteans' Antarctic city, Byrrah sought to best Namor, thus to prove himself Namor's superior, but Namor thwarted his ambitious cousin on each occasion

Byrrah eventually changed his tactics. He waited, gaining a reputation among his fellow Atlanteans as a peace-loving, kindly nobleman. Even Namor, who now ruled Atlantis, no longer regarded Byrrah as a threat and permitted him to supervise Atlantis's weapon factories. Byrrah, however intended to use these weapons for his own purposes.

Finally, Byrrah made a speech before the Royal Court of Atlantis in which he charged that Namor was a warmonger who had plunged Atlantis into unnecessary conflicts with the barbarian, Attuma, the renegade warlord, Krang, and the peoples of the surface world and demanded that Namor's reign come to an end. Secretly, Byrrah had activated a mind-control device that influenced all but those most loyal to Namor to sympathize with the ideas Byrrah now proclaimed. As a result, there was a widespread demand for a plebiscite to select Byrrah as Atlantis's new ruler. Namor publicly accused Byrrah of wanting to turn Atlantis into a nation of cowards that would submit to the threats posed by Attuma and Krang. Byrrah then challenged Namor to public combat. Namor accepted, but was defeated as a result of a chemical Byrrah secretly applied to Namorthat weakened him. Chossen as Atlantis's ruler in the plebiscite. Byrrah had Namor arrested and exiled to Inferno Isle, which was inhabited by a savage monster.

Byrrah then welcomed Attuma and Krangto Atlantis and formed a partnership woth them. But the Atlantean, Lady Dorma, discovered Byrrah's mind-control device and put an end to its influence over the populace. The Alantean people were now again loyal to Namor and rebelled against Byrrah. Namor destroyed the monster of Inferno Isle and returned to Atlantis, halting a machine with which Attuma and Krang attempted to destroy the city. Namor regained the throne and condemned Byrrah to exile.

Byrrah conspired with Krang and with the criminal scientist Dr. Lemuel Dorcas to have them set off a seaquake that shook Atlantis. Byrrah then returned to Atlantis, asserted that the quake was caused by a nuclear device used by surface men, and demanded that he be ruler of Atlantis so that he could force the surface world to leave them alone. Namor captured Krang and Dorcas, and Byrrah, his pot exposed, went into exile once more.

Byrrah formed an alliance with Llyra, empress of the water-breathing Lemurians, whereby they would defeat Namor, conquer Atlantis, and marry. Byrrah also allied himself with the alien Badoon, who sought to make use of the great oil resources lying near the ruins of the Atlanteans' Atlantic city and to conquer the Earth. Byrrah kept Namorita, the daughter of his cousin Namora, with him in the Antarctic. Namor defeated Byrrah in battle, whereupon Badoon were sent to kill them both. After he himself was shot by the Badoon, Byrrah had gigantic crabs under his command slay the Badoon soldier. Namor destroyed the oil supplies to keep the Badoon from using them. The Badoonleft, and the merciful Namorita persuaded Namor to left the wounded Byrrah go free.Later, Byrrah went to Avengers Mansion, where Namor was staying, to tell him about Attuma's takeover of Atlantis. Byrrah claimed that he objected to Attuma's rule even more than Namor's since Attuma was a barbarian, and Byrrah offered his services to Namor in attempting to overthrow Attuma. Namor, however, did not end Attuma's rule, but for a brief time governed Deluvia, a short-lived colony of Atlanteans who were opposed to Attuma. Byrrah's current where abouts and activities are unknown.

Height: 6 ft.
Weight: 280 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond

Strength Level: Byrrah possesses superhuman strength enabling him to lift (press) about 5 tons in air. (The Averages Atlantean male can lift (press) 4 tons in air.)

Known Superhuman Powers: Byrrah possesses the typical attributes of Homo mermanus: gills to enable him to extract oxygen from the water, superhuman physiology to enable him the extreme water pressure changes beneath the sea, blood circulation enabling him to withstand freezing temperatures, and specially developed vision which is a more sensitive than a human being's to the green portion of the spectrum and thus enables him to see in the murky depths. Byrrah can swim through water at a maximum speed of about 35 miles per hour for several hours before tiring.

Other Abilities: Byrrah is a master of all forms of armed and unarmed combat practiced in Atlantis.

Limitations: Like all Atlanteans except Namor and Namorita, Byrrah cannot breathe out of water. He is capable of lasting about five minutes on the surface without respiration apparatus before he begins to suffocate.

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