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Real Name: Unrevealed
Occupation: Former priest and CIA agent, now mutant hunter
Identity: Publicly known
Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with a criminal record
Other Aliases: Known
Place of Birth: Unrevealed
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Marilyn (wife)
Group Affiliation: Former member of the Central Intelligence Agency
Base of Operations: Hell's Kitchen, New York City
First Appearance: DAREDEVIL #249

History: Most of the past of the man called the Bushwacker remains a mystery so far. It is known that at one time he was a priest, but that he quit the priesthood. He was also once an operative for the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.), for which he performed a mission in an unidentified country. It was the C.I.A. that equipped him with the gun concealed within his arm. At some point an event took place that Bushwacker now regards as a horrifying memory and which in some way motivated Bushwacker in his current war against mutants.

Bushwacker was engaged in hunting down and murdering mutants; his victims are not mutants with superhuman powers but mutants whose mutations make them especially talented in the arts, as if Bushwacker takes particular pleasure in destroying the creators of beauty. (It is not clear how these mutants' abilities differ from those of highly talented human beings who are not mutants. In the case of dancers, the mutants presumably possess physical differences from ordinary humans that in their performances. In the case of mutant geniuses, the mutants presumably enable them to make intuitive leaps of thought that most ordinary humans could not achieve. For example see Cypher, and Forge. It is not known how Bushwacker manages to identify his potential victims as mutants.) Among Bushwacker's known victims are a composer names Gerhart and an artist named Vanna Herald. Apparently Bushwacker is paid large sums of money to kill mutants, but it has not yet been revealed who pays him.

The mutant Wolverine learned of Bushwacker's murders of mutants and began hunting him down. Bushwacker's wife, Marilyn, sought aid from Matthew Murdock in committing her husband to a psychiatric institution, and Murdock, as the costumed crimefighter Daredevil, also began looking for Bushwacker. Daredevil prevented Wolverine from killing Bushwacker who escaped and slew a mutant ballerina. After finding the corpse, Wolverine and Daredevil went after Bushwacker again. They defeated him, and Daredevil again stopped Wolverine from killing Bushwacker, whom Daredevil turned over to the New York police. Since then, however, the assassin Typhoid recruited Bushwacker to join in an attack on Daredevil that nearly killed the crimefighter.

Height: 6 ft.
Weight: 225 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond

Strength Level: Bushwacker possesses the normal human strength of a amn of his age, height, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise.

Known Superhuman Powers: None

Weapons: Bushwacker's right arm was altered bionically so that it can function as a gun. He can fire bullets from his index finger as if his hand were a pistol. Using his left hand he can also adjust the shape of his right arm to enable it to function like a shotgun. The exact workings of the bionic gun within his right arm have not been revealed, nor have the means by which his right arm and hand were bionically altered. Apparently his skin and bone react to provide the openings through which he fires bullets, it is not yet clear how he manages to load the gun.

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