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Black Crow

Real Name: Jesse Black Crow
Occupation: Former construction worker on workmen's compensation, mystic
Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record
Identity: Secret
Place of Birth: Navajo Indian Reservation, New Mexico
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Group of Affiliation: None
Base of Operations: Queens, New York
First Appearance: CAPTAIN AMERICA #292

History: Jesse Black Crow is a Navajo Indian who left the reservation at the age of 18 to become a construction worker on skyscrapers in the New York area. One day some scaffolding gave way and he plunged twenty stories. Miraculously, he survived the fall, but became paralyzed from the waist down. While lying comatose in the hospital, he had a vision of the Indians' plight in America, and was transformed into a mystic warrior and protector of the Indians' dream by a "spirit of the Earth" sacred to his ancestors. Now whenever this Earth spirit has a mission for him, it causes him to lose consciousness and bodily transform into his totem, a black crow, or the mystical human warrior Black Crow. Black Crow's first mission for the Earth spirit was to challenge Captain America to a trial by combat. Black Crow told him that as a symbol of modern America, Captain America must die to balance the cosmic scales and appease his ancestral spirit. After a battle that culminated in a plunge off the Brooklyn Bridge, Captain America made a gesture of surrender to the Earth spirit, thereby ending the conflict and creating a spiritual bond the two American champions. Weeks later, when Captain America was dying of a poison injected in him by the Red Skull, the Black Crow materialized minutes before he succumbed and performed a ritual which enhanced the Captain's will to live. The poison burned out of his system, Captain America awoke, with only the vaguest recollection of the Black Crow's assistance. The Black Crow has then undertook a mission to save Daredevil.

Height: 6 ft. 1 in.
Weight: 190 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

Strength Level: As his crippled normal self, Jesse Black Crow's strength is below that of a man his age, height, and build. In his mystic warrior form, Black Crow has superhuman strength, the extent of which is unknown.

Known Superhuman Powers: The Black Crow can magically transform himself into a normal sized black crow or a bolt of lightning. In both forms, he maintains his human intelligence. It is not known how long he can maintain these altered forms. Apparently he uses the lighting form for traveling long distances, and the crow form for reconnaissance.

He can also summon fog, but it is not known how much he can summon at once. He was able to perceive certain of Captain America's thoughts, but this may be due to the special spiritual bond between them and may not indicate general telepathic ability. The Black Crow was able to mesmerize Nomad into paralysis, but this too may not be an ability that extends over everyone.

In his warrior form, the Black Crow is superhumanly agile and a gifted unarmed combatant.

Weapon: The Black Crow carries a knife and a pouch containing various mystic herbs. He sometimes carries a longbow or spear.

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