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Real Name: Bird-Brain
Occupation: Inapplicable
Identity: Publicly known though he is not generally known to be an intelligent being
Legal Status: None
Other Aliases: Bird-Boy
Place of Birth: Paradise, an island in the North Atlantic
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: Ani-Mates, New Mutants
Base of Operations: Paradise, an island in the North Atlantic
First Appearance: (first mentioned) NEW MUTANTS #55, (first seen) NEW MUTANTS #56

History: Bird-Brain is one of the Ani-Mates, half-human, half-animal-like creatures created through genetic engineering by Dr. Frederick Animus, the geneticist who calls himself the Ani-Mator. Animus's base was on an otherwise deserted North Atlantic island that he called "Paradise." It was here that he created Bird-Brain.

Although Bird-Brain and the other Ani-Mates were sentient being with human-level intelligence. Animus treated them as mere animals and intended them to serve humanity as slaves.

In order to determine which of his Ani-Mates were the fittest at survival, Animus would test them by sending them into a dangerous maze in which many of them would perish. Fearing the test, Bird-Brain used his ability to fly to flee the Ani-Mator's island. Bird-Brain was rescued from an ice floe in the North Atlantic and was placed in quarintine on Governor's Island near New York City in preperation for being sent to a research laboratory.

After Bird-Brain escaped from confinement, he was sought by both the New Mutants and their rivals, the Hellions. The New Mutants took Bird-Brain into their care, gave him his name, and even made him a memberof their group.

Bird-Brain insisted on returning to Dr. Animus's island in order to help other Ani-Mates who were in danger of dying in the maze. The New Mutants accompanied him there, but Bird-Brain and the New Mutants were all captured by the Ani-Mator. The New Mutants regained their freedom only to be recaptured by Animus's employer, Cameron Hodge, and members of his organization, the Right. Bird-Brainled other Ani-Mates in battling the Right and rescuing the New Mutants. After the Ani-Mator fatally shot Cypher, one of the New Mutants. Bird-Brain disarmed and defeated the murderer.

Another of the New Mutants, Magik, exiled Animus to the dimension she calls limbo. Freed of Dr. Animus's tyranny, Bird-Brain decided to remain on the island with his fellow Ani-Mates.

Height: 6 ft.
Weight: 125 lbs.
Eyes: Red
Hair: Inapplicable

Strength Level: Apart from his wings, Bird-Brain possesses the normal human strength of a boy of his physical age, height and build who engages in moderate regular exercise. His wings possess superhuman strength and can create enough lift to enable him to carry aloft at least 150 pounds in addition to his own weight.

Known Superhuman Powers: Bird-Brain can fly by means of his natural, fully feathered wings. Bird-Brain's entire anatomy is naturally adapted to flying. His bones are hollow like a birds, making him weigh far less that is usual for a human boy of his height and build. His eyes are specially adapted to be able to withstand high speed winds which would hurt the average human eye. He possesses a special membrane in the respiratory system enabling him to extract oxygen from the air at high velocities and high altitudes.

Bird-Brain flies by flapping his wings as a bird does. His normal cruising speed averages around 65 miles per hour, through he is capable of diving swoops that reach up to 170 miles per hour. He can fly at 140 miles per hour without the help of a tail wind for up to half an hour at a time before tiring to an appreciable extent.

Bird-Brain cannot make a transatlantic flight under his own power. The limits on the amout of the time he can fly nonstop under his own power are as yet unknown. The limits of the highest altitude he can attain are also as yet unknown.

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