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Big Wheel
REAL NAME: Axel Weele; legally changed to Jackson Weele
ALIASES: Round Ravager of the Ring, Circular Crushing King, Dynamic Donut of Destruction
OCCUPATION: Stunt driver, spokesperson: former security guard, businessman
PLACE OF BIRTH: Sunnyside, New York
KNOWN RELATIVES: Margaret Weele (ex-wife)
GROUP AFFILIATION: Villains Anonymous
EDUCATION: College educated
FIRST APPEARANCE: Amazing Spider-Man #182 (1978)

HISTORY: Axel Weele was a crooked businessman who hired the Rocket Racer to steal documentation from his company that could have potentially convicted him of embezzlement. Spider-Man encountered Rocket Racer fleeing Weele's office on his rocket-powered skateboard, but the Racer evaded Spider-Man in the subway and delivered the paperwork to Weele. Exploiting the situation, he held onto the most damaging piece of evidence, the Minerva Document, demanding an additional $10,000 from Weele. The Racer mocked and bullied Weele, taunting him with the nickname Big Wheel:' Wee!e went to the downtown docks, ready to commit suicide rather than face prison, but reconsidered after hearing the Racer mention the Tinkerer, inventor of the Racer's weapons technology. Inspired to seek vengeance, Weele hired the Tinkerer to build a device he could use against the Rocket Racer. Later, as Spider-Man and the Racer clashed again outside Newhope Memorial Hospital, Weele rode into the melee within a rotating armored vehicle, calling himself Big Wheel. Weele fired upon the Racer while driving over any car in his path. The Racer's own missiles exploded harmlessly against the wheel's outer shell. Spider-Man captured and webbed the Racer upon a rooftop while Big Wheel caught up, rolling straight up the side of the building. Spider-Man leaped to safety with the Racer while Big Wheel, unable to stop his momentum, rolled off the rooftop and into the Hudson River. Spider-Man unsuccessfully searched for him, and Weele was assumed to have drowned.

Weele survived in the watertight vehicle, and was subsequently imprisoned. He returned from jail divorced, working as a security guard at an establishment called "The Rusty Nail." He challenged Spider-Man to another forgettable battle following Ben Reilly's death, and was defeated in minutes. Big Wheel's vehicle was later seen in the junkyard collection of the mutant Reanimator. Looking to improve his status, Weele recovered his wheel and rode it to an auction held for the alien symbiote worn by Eddie Brock as Venom. Desperate to end the cycle of destructive behavior, he joined Villains Anonymous (Vil-Anon) and tried to make amends by helping Spider-Man fight the Shocker. Failing miserably as a hero, he took Spider-Man's suggestion, and has currently found fulfillment in life performing at monster-truck shows while giving speeches for Vil-Anon.

HEIGHT: 5 ft. 5 in.
WEIGHT: 140 lbs.
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Gray

ABILITIES/ACCESSORIES: Big Wheel's vehicle is a 15 ft. diameter heavy gauge steel construct with an inner cockpit. Twin molybdenum steel treads surround the circumference. Mounted on both sides of the wheel are hydraulic waldo arms, machine guns, and rocket launchers. The side mountings and the cockpit remain stationary while the wheel is in motion. Weele has no superhuman powers.

NOTE: The above information was copied from “All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #2”

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