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Real name: Arcanna Jones
Occupation: crime fighter, former medium
Identity: publicly known
Legal status: citizen of the United States with no criminal record
Other aliases: none known
Place of birth: on revealed
Marital status: married
Known relatives: Philip husband's, Katrina, Priscilla daughters, Andrew, Benjamin Thomas sons
Group affiliation: Squadron Supreme
Base of operation: Squadron City on the Squadron Supremes alternate Earth
First appearance: DEFENDERS #112

History: Arcanna is a native of the other dimensional alternate earth inhibited by the team of super human champions known as the Squadron Supreme. Arcanna was born with an aptitude of wielding supernatural powers as well as certain psychic powers which developed as sheet matured. It is not yet been revealed how she learned to master her magical abilities

Arcanna originally worked as a medium and after marrying Philip Jones, she decided to support for family as a professional crime fighter. Her husband stayed home to raise their children.

Arcanna success as a crime fighter came to the attention of the Squadron Supreme, who made her their fifth recruit.

Like most of the rest of the Squadron, Arcanna was mentally enthralled by the Overmind, a collective alien intelligence working in concert with the demonic entity Null The Living Darkness. The Overmind used the Squadron as his agents in the conquest of the earth. However, the Squadron member Hyperion, retained his free will, in alliance with superhuman champions from another Earth called Defenders, freed the Squadron from the Overminds control. Together the Squadron and the Defenders vanquished the Overmind and Null.

The Squadron's Earth was left in a political and economic ruin in the aftermath of the Overmind's takeover. The Squadron, including Arcanna decided to take control of the United States for a year in order to implement their "utopia program," by which they intended to solve all the nation's major problems, ranging from hunger and crime to illness and death itself. During this year Arcanna became pregnant again, but fearing the Squadron would compel her to take less active role if they knew the truth, she kept her pregnancy a secret at first. Later she misled the squadron into thinking she had become pregnant months later than she actually had, using her magical illusion casting powers to conceal the changes in her figure.

Finally, Arcanna went into labor during a battle in Squadrons City, The Squadron's headquarters, between the Squadron and the members of the Redeemers, a team recruited by Nighthawks, a former Squadron member had resigned in opposition to the Squadron's assumption of political power. The Shape, the Squad remember who had joined the Redeemers but still regarded Arcanna as his friend, left the battle to take her to the Squadron Capital Hospital. The Squadron of lost the battle, and Hyperion, conceding that Nighthawk had a right to oppose them, surrendered on the Squadron's behalf. The squadron pledged to give up control of the United States and to help dismantle the utopia program.

Meanwhile, at the hospital Arcanna gave birth to her son, Benjamin Thomas Jones. She remains a member of the Squadron Supreme today.

Height: 5 ft. 8 in.
Weight: 130 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Silver

Strength level: Arcanna possesses the normal human strength of a woman of her age, height, and build who engages and moderate regular exercise.

Known superhuman powers: arced is a sorceress who can magically control natural substances in forces, particularly when it, would, and water. She'd fly to the ear air by conjuring wins strong enough to support her weight and carried her aloft. Sometimes in order to fly she rides or stands upon wooden pole that she can magically levitate; presumably sorceresses in the past who have used similar methods of flight gave rise to legends of witches who rode flying broomsticks.

Art can magically create illusions, perhaps through manipulating light. She can use her allusion creating ability to make herself appear to be in costume when she is actually wearing normal clothing, or make herself appear to be another person entirely. During her last pregnancy, she used her allusion casting power to make herself appear to have normal figure. The paragraph Art can also projected magical bolts of force.

The origin of Art magical abilities is still unknown.

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