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REAL NAME: Anya (Aña) Corazon
OCCUPATION: High school student; WebCorps Intern; Spider Society Initiate
PLACE OF BIRTH: Not yet revealed
KNOWN RELATIVE: Gil Corazon (father), Sofia Corazon (mother, deceased)
GROUP AFFILIATION: WebCorps, The Spider Society
EDUCATION: Currently attending high school
FIRST APPEARANCE: Amazing Fantasy Vol. 2 #1 (2004)

HISTORY: Anya Corazon is a sassy 15-year-old of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent from Brooklyn. Raised by her dad since the tragic death of her mother, her life revolves around friends, high school, gymnastics and field hockey, and the constant struggle to stay out of the trouble invited by the chip she carries on her shoulder. Taunted by a school bully into a late-night fight, Anya instead stumbled into a battle between two ancient secret societies. Taking the side of the underdog, Anya received a fatal wound even as her attackers were destroyed. Her only chance of survival was to accept her fated role as the “chosen one,” the initiate of the centuries-old Spider Society. Anya allowed Minnguel Legar, mage of the Spider Society, to use his mystic powers to save her by activating the sleeping abilities she carried within. In return, Anya became Miguel’s Partner and the unlikely champion of the Spider Society fronted by WebCorps, a powerful information-trading corporation once led by the mysterious, spider power-endowed Ezekiel.

Adopting the codename Araña (pronounced “an-rahn-ya,” meaning “Spider” in Spanish), Anya and Miguel are aided by WebCorps computer hacker Ted Mankowski and privileged, aspiring executive Nina Smith as they fight criminals who threaten the peace of the world. They also face constant battle with Sisterhood of the Wasp – as opposing organization that seeks power for its own ends. At the same time, Anya must find time for her own personal life; even as she hides her new identity from her loving, protective father whose job as an investigative journalist provides her with leads to new criminal activities.

Coming to accept her role, Anya even assembled her own costume, and used her natural mechanical aptitude to develop her personal weapon – a spider-styled bola. But these trappings will avail her little in her greatest struggle of all…the battle for control over the brutal spirit of “the Hunter” that rises within her in the midst of every combat.

HEIGHT: 5 ft. 3 in.
WEIGHT: 115 lbs.
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Brown

SUPERHUMAN POWERS: Anya possesses super-human strength (lift 3 tons), endurance, and speed. She can climb walls and jump over 25 feet, bounding between buildings. Anya’s skeleton is incredibly flexible, and she can conceal herself in tiny cavities. She controls the thickness, coverage, and shape of the carapace armor that emanates from the tattoo on her upper arm; at its thickest it is resistant to small-arms fire. However, when using full armor, contact with water leaves her unable to breathe, forcing her to retract it.

ABILITIES: When channeling the spirit of the Spider, Anya possesses exceptional fighting prowess.

PARAPHERNALIA: Anya uses a bola of her own invention.

Exhibits full powers (Amazing Fantasy Vol. 2 #5, 2004)

NOTE: Updated from The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: The Women Of Marvel 2005

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