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Young Allies
CURRENT MEMBERS: Bucky (Rikki Barnes), I.Q. (Ishmael Questor), Jolt (Hallie Takahama), Kid Colt (Elric Whitemane), Toro (Benito Serrano)
FORMER MEMBERS: Rip (Order [O] and Kaos [K])
BASE OF OPERATIONS: Capital City (formerly Attilan), New York Bay
FIRST APPEARANCE: Heroes Reborn: Young Allies (2000)

HISTORY: On the Franklin Richards-created Counter-Earth, Rikki Barnes was a dancer/gymnast who dreamed of attending Julliard but could not gain admittance. As the costumed adventurer Bucky, she allied with Captain America, trained with S.H.I.E.L.D., and gained a shield, "brass knuckles" and boot soles, all made of Vibranium: however, after Captain America and many other heroes abandoned Bucky's world, the Dreaming Celestial dropped the eastern US seaboard by 200 feet (flooding most coastal cities), raising other areas by as much as a mile, and generally creating enough other worldwide and localized disasters to collapse most national governments.

The German Ishmael Questor was born physically deformed but cerebrally enhanced; a Berlin biogenic research firm placed the infant Ishmael in a bionutrient tank and kept him catatonic while experimenting upon him. Accidentally awoken at age sixteen. Questor took control of his tormentors' minds. From his tank he observed the world, and when the German World Party government realized he was awake he contacted Bucky via her Young Allies computer network support group; she defended him until he could erase the government's knowledge of his existence. Taking the name I.Q., Questor located another ally: Benito Serrano, a Colombian youth who had been subjected to four years of adrenal-steroid experiments by local drug lords. He had gained the ability to transform into a powerful and bulletproof humanoid bull-form, codenamed Toro.

With I.Q.'s secret aid, Bucky and Toro aided their devastated world as the heroic Young Allies. I.Q. determined that a mysterious energy which had destroyed Paris, France, covering that area in a 40 square mile sea of six-inch-deep liquid (termed the "Rip"), was a living energy field, and that businessman Leland Walker intended to absorb and control it. Needing a teleporter to stop Leland, the Allies recruited Kid Colt (Elric Whitemane, previously Elric Freedom). S.H.LE.L.D. possessed the remains of a Kymellian smartship and its dead pilot, and after North America's devastation they had forcibly melded a teenager. Elric with Kymellian DNA. Now a hybrid human/Kymellian. Elric escaped. As Kid Colt, he used his new teleportation powers and his ability to change from human to hybrid to aid survivors in the southwest: he eagerly joined the Young Allies when asked. With I.Q. enhancing Colts control of his teleportation to intercontinental levels. the Young Allies traveled to Scotland and stopped Walker: the Rip was revealed to be an extradimensional force and became two humanoids: Order (0) and Kaos (K). They announced their intent to judge the worthiness of this world: Bucky invited them to join the Young Allies in hopes of swaying their decision and to keep an eye on them.

Dr. Doom had returned to this world and transported it into the same dimension as Earth-616, orbiting the sun directly opposite Earth's orbit; Doom began referring to Bucky's world as Counter-Earth, conquering territory and imposing highly restrictive laws. Attempting to undermine Doom's control, the Young Allies briefly traveled to Doom's Earth and tried to force reform with the threat of a biochemical gas. Doom summoned Counter-Earth's Rebel to his aid, as well as Earth's Captain America and the Redeemers; the Young Allies were driven off and their gas exposed as a bluff. Eventually, Doom's continued absences led to the fall of his regimes.

Earth's Thunderbolts traveled to Counter-Earth, established a free haven in the floating city of Attilan and investigated mysterious radiation beneath Counter¬ Earth's surface. The Young Allies also investigated, and the two teams learned an alien ship was phased into both Earth and Counter-Earth. 0 and K believed that this radiation, unchecked, could destroy both planets. The two teams battled the radiation's conduit Anomaly and eliminated the ship's threat, but the Thunderbolts' Jolt (who had fought the Young Allies with the Redeemers) became trapped on Counter-Earth and joined the Allies. Now renamed Capital City, Attilan floated over the flooded remains of New York City. The dimension-hopping Proteus was lured there by the Exiles, and he stumbled upon Atlantis' Queen Dorma's plan to nuke Attilan. Proteus destroyed the nuke, allying himself with the Young Allies against Dorma in return for aid against his enemies, the Exiles. The Young Allies soon discovered Proteus' evil, but O and K decided that Counter-Earth was unworthy and took Proteus to Atlantis to engineer Counter-Earth's destruction. Proteus raised Atlantis from the ocean floor, killing its inhabitants, and launched a fleet of nuclear missiles. The Young Allies and Exiles defeated Proteus and stopped the missiles; the demolished Atlantis resubmerged.

NOTE: The above information was copied from “All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #12”

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