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The Enforcers is a small band of criminals who work together, usually as employees of a criminal leader who uses them to enforce his decisions, to physically overpower opponents into submission, or to kill adversaries. Although none of the Enforcers have actual superhuman powers, each is highly trained in his own method of combat. Together they have proved to be formidable opponents even to superhuman adversaries, like Spider-Man.

The Enforcers originally consisted solely of Fancy Dan, Montana, and the original Ox. Fancy Dan, although diminutive in height, is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant trained in judo and karate, possessing great agility. Montana is a master of the lariat. The Ox was dull-witted, but his strength was enormous although not superhuman.

The three Enforcers first came to notoriety, when they aided Frederick Foswell, the "Big Man," in his takeover of the New York City criminal gangs that were not affiliated with the Maggia. Spider-Man ruined the Big Man's scheme and defeated the Enforcers, and they and Foswell were imprisoned.

Later, the Enforcers aided the original Green Goblin in his first unsuccessful attempt to eliminate Spider-man. Still later, the Enforcers were partnered with the Sandman under the employ of the Big Man's daughter and Crime Master's son. They were defeated by Spider-Man and the Human Torch. The Ox switched affiliations to the original Mister Fear's Fellowship of Fear which was defeated by Daredevil. The Ox broke out of prison along with a criminal scientist, Dr. Kart Stragg, who used his technology to switch bodies with the Ox. In fighting Daredevil, Stragg, within the Ox's body, fell to his death from atop a high building. The Ox, within Stragg's body, was re-imprisoned. But while acting as a test subject for radioactive isotopes, the Ox underwent strange changes. Not only was he now dying, but Stragg's body turned into duplicate of the Ox's Original form. The Ox again fought Daredevil, but finally succumbed to the radiation's lethal effects and died.

The two other Enforcers served lengthy prison sentences until upon parole they were hired by the Lightmaster, who brought a new Ox into the team who was the original's twin brother. The new Ox was also dull-witted and had great but not superhuman strength.

Two new members joined the Enforcers while they were working for a branch of the Kingpin's organization. One is "Hammer" Harrison, a former professional boxer who wears steel-plated gloves. The other is "Snake" Marston a master contortionist who can hold an opponent helpless by winding himself around him. The Enforcers' most frequent nemesis, Spider-Man, teamed with the reformed Sandman to defeat the expanded team. The present whereabouts and activities of the Enforcers are unknown.

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