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Dire Wraiths

Origin Galaxy: Unknown
Star System: the "Black Sun" of the Dark Nebula
Planet: "Wraithworld", now abandoned
Estimated Population: Unknown

Physical Characteristics:
Type: Unclassified
Eyes: Two
Fingers: Three (spatulate) with mouth in middle of hand
Toes: Three
Skin Color: Red
Average Height: 5 ft. 5 in.

Special Adaptations: Can adopt the form and abilities of any living beings by mentally altering their bodily structure. Females look radically different from males and kill their victims in the process of adopting their forms.
Type of Government: Militaristic, imperialistic
Level of Technology: Highly advanced, with starships capable or warp drive, skilled in bioengineering. Female Wraiths rely on sorcery.

Note: Two hundred years ago the Galadorians defeated the Dire Wraiths' attempt to invade the "Golden Galaxy." The Wraiths then infiltrated Earth's populations, disguised as human beings, but were repulsed by the Galadorian Rom and his Earth allies.

First Appearance: ROM #1

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