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Origin Galaxy: Unknown
Star System: Unknown
Planet: Known only as "Brood-world"
Habitat: .12 surface covered with water, tropical climate
Gravity: .80 Earth
Atmosphere: .90 Earth density, high oxygen content
Population: Unknown

Physical Characteristics:
Types: Insectoid
Eyes: Two
Legs: Six, forelegs can be used as tentacles
Skin color: Brown
Average height: 8 ft. in length

Special adaptations: Long tail divided at end into two stingers, transparent wings, sharp teeth, amor-like skin. Eggs are injected into living beings by the Queen. The hatched embryo metamorphoses its host's bodyuntil it becomes a young brood member.
Type of government: Absolute matriarchy
Level of technology: The Brood uses "space-whales" called Acanti as living starships. They have advanced bioengineering capability, and weaponry.
Cultural traits: Utterly savage, driven solely by hunger and procreation.
Names of representatives: The Great Mother, T'Creilee, Haeg'rill, Skur'Kll. Others identified by function titles; e.g., Clanmaster

Note: "Broodworld" was destroyed in X-MEN #166, but Brood members still exist on other planets.

First appearance: X-MEN #155

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