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Widget is a machine that was created by Tweediedope of the Crazy Gang and that appears to be at least partly sentient. Widget can speak English words, but it is not yet known how intelligent Widget truly is, or whether Widget can think independently of any programming his creator may have given it.

Widget possesses the ability to open portals into other dimensional worlds. These doorways are activated by energies that are themselves magical or that are related to magic. The portals that Widget has created so far lie along the lay-lines of Great Britain, which are mystical lines of force. A person may pass through these portals into another dimension if he or she possesses energies that are magical or related to magic. Hence, Captain Britain, whose superhuman powers are derived from magic, may use the portals to travel from one dimension to another. The presence of the energies infusing Rachel Summers, alias Phoenix, are themselves enough to trigger Widget to activate a portal. Widget can also activate pedals to other dimensions if Widget is at a place imbued with mystical energies, such as Stonehenge.

Widget consumes metallic objects, usually those that human beings would consider junk. From these consumed objects Widget can construct metallic extensions of itself, such as the mechanical doorways that he can form around the portals he opens into other dimensions

Widget can also fly through means that remain unknown.

Kitty Pryde, alias Shadowcat, a one time member of the now dissolved British-based team of champions known as Excalibur, and Alistaire Stuart of the Weird Happenings Organization, discovered Widget, who opened a portal that led them to an alternate Earth. Since then, Widget has accompanied the team of Excalibur, making possible their journeys from one alternate Earth to another

First Appearance: EXCALIBUR #2

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