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Man-Thing (Ultimate)
REAL NAME: Ted Sallis
OCCUPATION: None, formerly scientist
PLACE OF BIRTH: Unrevealed
EDUCATION: Unrevealed; as a scientist Sallis may or may not hold a doctorate
FIRST APPEARANCE: Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #10 (2002)

HISTORY: Nothing is known of Ted Sallis save that he was a scientist entrusted with guarding an experimental serum; it is not known what the serum's original purpose was, nor if Sallis developed it independently or, indeed, had any direct role in its creation at all. Operatives in the employ of unidentified parties attempted to steal the serum, and Sallis was forced to inject it into himself - although, again, whether he did this in a foolhardy effort to keep the serum out of his enemies' hands or, on the contrary, was forced to do so by his enemies to test it remains a mystery.

In any event, the serum transformed Sallis into a monstrous form composed of swamp life and sewer waste; rendered virtually mindless, Sallis began a seemingly aimless life of wondering the sewer and waterways of the United States, occasionally compelled by an inexplicable empathic power that drew him to human fear. The extent of his adventures are unrevealed, but the confused accounts of those who survived their encounters with him gave him a whispered name: the Man-Thing.

In recent months, the Man-Thing's travels brought him to the New York sewer system. By coincidence, scientist Curt Conners, having been transformed into reptilian form, also made his way into the sewers, and tales of the Man-Thing's attacks upon fearful citizens became confused with reports of Conners' activities. Days later, the teenage adventurer Spider-Man ventured beneath the city in hopes of recovering Conners; unable to reach the scientist's human identity, Spider-Man found himself fighting the reptilian Conners until the Man-Thing intervened, his burning touch somehow reverting Conners back to human form. The stunned Spider-Man could only watch as the Man-Thing sank back into the sewage as mysteriously as he had appeared.

Since then, the Man-Thing consciousness was somehow touched by the mind of young genius Reed Richards, recently empowered with three other as the Fantastic Four. Nothing has been heard of the Man-Thing since then, and it is not known whether or not he remains in the New York sewers or has wandered elsewhere.

HEIGHT: Unrevealed, currently 7 ft. 9 in.
WEIGHT: Unrevealed (in either form)
EYES: Unrevealed, currently red
HAIR: Unrevealed, currently none

SUPERHUMAN POWERS: The Man-Thing is superhumanly strong and moves more rapidly than his bulky appearance would suggest. His empathic senses can detect human emotion, most notably fear, and his touch can burn anyone who is sufficiently fearful. With the consciousness of Ted Sallis either submerged or destroyed, the Man-Thing is apparently motivated solely by instinct and reaction to his empathic senses.

Origin (Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #10, 2002)

NOTE: Copied from “The Official Handbook of the Ultimate Marvel Universe 2005: The Fantastic Four & Spider-Man

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